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Startup Wise Guys Estonia – bootcamp from the land where 6-year-olds learn to code Written by Nina Fowler on 13. September 2012

Startup Wise Guys Estonia

Startup Wise Guys Estonia

We’re spoiled for choice when it comes to incubators and accelerators in Europe – but Startup Wise Guys Estonia, which just opened for applications, caught our eye.

The programme, for ten weeks from January 2013, takes place in Tallinn, Estonia. Up to ten startups will get seed funding (€5000 per founder, up to €15,000), mentorship (from experts at SMLXL, Toggl, Flattr, SoundCloud, Springboard, Strata, Accel Partners etc) and closing demo days to investors in Tallinn and London.

In exchange, Startup Wise Guys will take eight per cent equity in every participating startup (that’s the same as Startupbootcamp, now up-and-running in five European cities).

Today’s press release suggests Startup Wise Guys is not a programme for the fainthearted:

They will make you walk over hot ashes without burning your feet and make you swim in ice-cold water after a hot sauna…

InSkilled, a graduate from the first round of the programme earlier this year (alongside Berlin-based Epiclist), put it like this:

The program is quite rough in terms of breaking your balance – mentally, physically, professionally and personally. So join if you are up for it but at the same time don’t take every detail too seriously (keeps you alive).”

Estonia – leading Europe for tech education

Estonia is making headlines for its forward-looking attitude to tech. One new initiative will see 100 per cent of students in public schools learn to code, starting as young as six. The country also boasts ample Wifi and the ability to turn out companies including Skype (the software dev side of it), Fortumo, TransferWise, ZeroTurnAround and Pipedrive.

Applications for Startup Wise Guys Estonia’s next round close early November. The programme is supported by the-owned Estonian Development Fund.


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