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Startupbootcamp sets its sights on Israel's startup scene Written by Linsey Fryatt on 21. August 2012


Startupbootcamp, the burgeoning European startup accelerator is setting its sights to the Israeli startup scene. The programme, which takes budding startups and offers them a three-month intensive mentorship and funding programme has already established itself in Copenhagen, Dublin, Amsterdam and Madrid, as well as launching its inaugural Berlin programme this year at Umspannwerk.
israel startupbootcampIn a move echoing VentureVillage’s recent travels, it seems that European attentions are quickly tuning in to the Israeli startup scene as the next big tech epicentre. Startupbootcamp Israel will be headed up by Paul-Rene Albertini (right), former President and CEO of Sony Music France and President of Warner Music International and Shahar Namer (left), Partner at Sushi Ventures, a seed investment company for digital tech in UK and Israel. “When they approached us, it seemed like the perfect synergy in a team” says Farcet. “Shahar is a great Israeli entrepreneur while Paul brings the established CEO experience.”

Why? Because it’s Israel…

“There are two reasons why we chose Israel – firstly, because it’s Israel! And secondly because the country has such an immense track record in the startup scene [there are more startups established annually in Israel than in any European country, and it has the highest amount of VC investment per capita].
“We get approached by about 70 cities every year to be involved in Startupbootcamp – some are more serious than others. Some are more serious than others. And there’s so much going on here right now, it seemed like an obvious choice.”

Hi-tech Haifa over Tel Aviv

Startupbootcamp Israel’s base will be in Haifa, the northern Israeli city with a pedigree for high-tech: “The guys recommended Haifa to us because of its strong tech background – Haifa produces the highest number of engineers in Israel and has R&D centres of the likes of Google, Microsoft, Intel, Apple etc. There’s a lot going on in the tech scene there, and we’re well-placed to make a real impact,” says Farcet.

Homegrown Israeli startups gunning for the US market

“I think that we will see more domestic teams in the Israeli programme,” says Farcet. “Usually we see a few local and the rest international applicants, but the homegrown talent is very strong in Israel, so it will be interesting to see what the mix will be. I think they will also be more focused on the US market, but we’ll see – this is still an experiment – we are a startup too, remember…”
Applications for Startupbootcamp Israel are open now. The deadline for applications is Sunday 14 October 2012 and the programme will run from December to March this year. Funding will be €15,000 for 8% equity.

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