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Buy Now raises €5 million from Atlantic Partners, Christophe Maire, and Dario Suter Written by Marguerite Imbert on 23. May 2012

According to TechCrunch, who leaked the story minutes ago, Berlin-based favorite just raised €5 million ($6.2 million) in a Series B funding round. Backing the round are Atlantic Capital Partners GmbH, local charmer Dario Suter (best known for his clever purchase of German distribution rights to this year’s Oscar-winner The Artist), leading angel Christophe Maire, Christoph Daniel and Marc Schmidheiny (DCM). Also joining the round are Investitionsbank Berlin and VC Kreativwirtschaft Berlin. According to TC, “the cash will be used to scale the business, appear on other platforms like smart TVs and launches into France and the UK in early autumn.”
Aside from its recent unpredictability, (the site has been down on several occasions this past week), continues to be one of our favorites. Because the video quality’s as good as the song selection, it’s nice to have among the workflow tabs. Spotting a blue-headed Lady Gaga singing with Frank Sinatra in a rare rendition is exactly why we prefer it to Pandora, Monday through Friday through the weekend’s midnight oil.
Overall, the site is stunning. Classy. And addictive. It seems to learn you just as well as Pandora does. The commercials are tailored to match the quality of the primary content, so you’re not bombarded with anything lower than the Tape standard. (This means a lot of Heidi Klum in cabaret tights, and that one German beer commercial that starts by sounding like a song you want to hear.)
Cheers to the news, team and bear in a purple silk bathrobe. Since launching July 2008, this Berlin favorite has amassed a collection of 45,000 videos, and attracted around 3.5 million users in Germany, Switzerland and Austria. According to TC, it’s “running on €20 million in annual revenues.”
We’ll keep listening. And sharing. (Especially if you find a way to let our friends in the US link in.)