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Team Europe en route to world domination? Written by Charmaine Li on 2. May 2012

Team Europe

Team Europe

German incubators continue global expansion

With news of Rocket Internet’s Zalando launching further afield in Belgium, Team Europe (a shareholder of VentureVillage) reveals its portfolio companies have launched in five new countries in the past month.

Online food delivery network Delivery Hero recently landed in Sweden after a smooth step-in to Finland, Austria and Poland. Added to that – its expansion into Australia and Russia late last year – taking its total tally of restaurants to more than 19,000 worldwide of which 5,600 is in Germany.

Berlin’s international mobile advertising company Madvertise acquired Turkey’s mobile ad player Mobilike last month, providing a gateway to future business opportunities across the Middle East and North Africa region. Madvertise has its core base in Germany, with offices in England, Spain, Italy, and France.

And then there’s online eyeglasses store Mister Spex. After entering the French, Spanish, and UK markets last year, it recently joined Delivery Hero to set-up-shop in Sweden.