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Tech Open Air Berlin makes €20,000 KissKissBankBank deadline in nick of time Written by Nina Fowler on 6. July 2012

TOA Berlin

The Tech Open Air Berlin team have made the €20,000 crowdfunding target they needed to kick things off at Kater Holzig on August 23-24 2012 (the same week as Campus Party Europe).
TOA Berlin’s KissKissBankBank deadline literally just passed, with €26,286 from 154 backers on the books and a selection of major sponsors now signed up. It was looking dicey there for a while – the team (pictured below) were still on €16,000 yesterday afternoon. I emailed organiser Lutz Villalba at 4pm to ask what would happen if they didn’t make the target. “Then it’s over…” he wrote back.
Tech Open Air Berlin team
Today, Villalba says the pressure was definitely on but he and co-organiser Nikolas Woischnik were always confident they’d make it. “It all came together last night,” he said.
The event is billed as a festival by the community, for the community, with two days of talks, workshops, music performances, satellite events and parties. Speakers will include reps from Early Bird, Gidsy, Amen, DailyDeal, ResearchGate, Tweek, Liquid Labs, EyeEm, and Goodbeans.
Villalba says they’re only interested in speakers with something specific to teach – product reviews and general discussion of the scene will not be on the agenda. Tickets, now the KissKissBankBank campaign is over, will be priced at €99 then go up to €150 two weeks before the event.

What not to do on KissKissBankBank

If you want to offer tickets to an event as a crowdfunding incentive, don’t do it too early, Villalba says – offering them three months in advance didn’t attract as much interest as they expected. Even so, about 100 KissBankers donated in exchange for early bird tickets (out of a total 500 available tickets).
There were also problems with KissKissBankBank’s limits on individual credit card payments. Deutsche Telekom’s new incubator Hub:raum wanted to donate €2,500 but ended up having to do it in two installments.
All up though, you have to say the crowdfunding campaign has been a success. Here’s to August.


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