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Tech Open Air – Berlin's answer to SXSW set to launch this summer Written by Linsey Fryatt on 22. March 2012


News just in of another hot tech event happening in Berlin this summer – and this time it’s a festival with a twist – it’ll take place outdoors. Read on for how to enjoy some balmy summer networking…
Tech Open air is the brainchild of Lutz Villalba-Adorno, CEO of Navegas and co-host of the recent TWiST in Berlin event. The seed was sown after the TWiST event, when Adorno saw how many eager startups were part of the scene: “When we did TWiST, I saw around 19 companies that I would have loved to have included, but there just wasn’t space or time – there’s so much going on here right now. Then I thought about hosting an event that everyone could take part in, but it had to be one with a difference”.
Tech Open Air officially doesn’t have a home yet, although Mauerpark is mooted as a potential venue – its famous karaoke amphitheatre would be perfect for speed-pitching, while its layout would give the event a festival feel.
“Wherever we end up, we want the ideas and activities to be crowdsourced. We want to have open-air pitching, plus conference events, and then companies can host their own stalls and events – like South by Southwest,” says Adorno.
The event is scheduled for September and there’s a kick-off meeting happening on Monday 26 March or you can register for more information on its Facebook page.
Image credit: flickr user A.J.85