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The 5 best Berlin Kickstarter campaigns Written by Linsey Fryatt on 30. May 2012

Berlin kickstarter

Fledgling companies no longer have to court traditional investors or VCs – they can now court the general populous to start-up their projects, thanks to crowdfunding platforms that allow everyone to indulge their inner angel.
Berlin kickstarter
The most famous of these is, of course, Kickstarter. Since its launch in 2008, Kickstarter has funded everything from indie films to iPod docks, not forgetting the ludicrously popular Pebble Watch campaign, raising a staggering $10, 266,844, despite an initial goal of just $10,000 for the modular timepieces.
Given that Berlin is one of the most creative cities on the planet, we decided to take a look at some of the projects making headlines for Kickstarter Berlin. From Jewish grandmothers to cardboard beatboxes, via godless shoes, Berlin has a spectrum of projects crying out for your investments. Here’s our pick of the bunch, complete with that all-important video submission…


One of the most uniques spaces in Berlin, Spreepark is an abandoned amusement park in Treptow. Originally a GDR pinnacle of leisure pursuits it has been abandoned since its closure in 2001. Kulturpark raised over $26K to transform the space with art, urban design and various creative projects to fire the cultural imagination.

Atheist shoes

By using a canny mix of Reddit posts, social media and branding, these handmade shoes which proclaim the wearer’s godlessness on their sole raised nearly double its $30k goal, as well as 5,000 Facebook Likes.

Oma and Bella

Filmmaker Alexa Karolinski shot this beautifully intimate portrait of two elderly Jewish women (and Holocaust survivors) from Berlin, as they reminisce, laugh and cook sumptuous food from their childhood. The project has attracted $44k, despite an original aim of only $18K.

Berlin Boombox

A retro-fabulous cardboard speaker system for your iPod that transforms it into your very own (lightweight) boombox. The successful Kickstarter campaign meant that $20K got the product out of prototype and into production.

Ozon Cyclery

Bamboo is a perfect material for bike construction – it’s lightweight, chunky and utterly durable. Product designer Daniel Vogel-Essex hopes to raise enough cash to send his prototypes out into the wild to convince the rest of the world of their awesomeness.

Atheism, Reddit and Kickstarter – how a unique Berlin shoe startup found its footing
The future of crowdfunding, fresh from the Valley