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Five golden secrets of successful social media Written by Andrea Frahm on 15. August 2012

Social Media

Outside of work, social media can be a lot of fun. For business, however, it has become imperative for any marketeer, no matter if for marketing, PR or customer relations purposes. Social media and marketing guru Andrea Frahm dishes the dirt on how to win like, circle, pin and post success.

Social media should be a key ingredient of anyone’s marketing recipe – based on your customers’ needs, find out how to invest your time and money in order to successfully connect with your fans and followers. Not sure how to best follow, like, tweet, #hashtag, comment, circle, pin and post? Here are five simple, yet effective tips to help you get started and take your social media and content marketing activities to the next level.

Social Media

1. Create targets

on targetThink about what you are trying to achieve and the audience you want to reach and engage. Are you going for awareness first? Do you want to influence? Do you want to increase sales or just simply build your fan and/or database?

Every successful social media campaign needs clear objectives and success criteria. Decide on what social media channels you initially want to focus on and avoid following every trend. If you want to target a male audience for instance, don’t waste your time on reaching out to the wrong kind of traffic by creating a Pinterest account, which is predominantly used by women.

Be very clear about your targets and make sure to monitor and adjust these targets throughout the campaign.

2. Set and stick to your brand tonality

SnookiIt is important to find out what your brand tone should be like and that it matches your brand image. Always keep to your brand tone whenever you and/or your responsible social media manager post or tweet something in your social media channels.

If you’re not sure how to develop brand tone, try and imagine your brand as a celebrity, a famous character or someone you know. Make sure this character or person fits into your brand image. Now write down who this character or person is and think about the way she/he talks. Voila – there’s your brand tonality. Stick to it!

3. Create outstanding content & creative synergies

width="100"Content is king! No matter, if you create and share your media stories or come up with state of the art photos or personalised video messages – mix it up!

You want your campaign to stand out so invest some time and money and make sure you present superb content in an engaging way.

Planning any offline marketing/PR activities like a nationwide postering campaign, TV advertising or press interviews? Make sure to create the perfect marketing mix by combining all online and offline efforts to feed your audience’s needs with the appropriate words, images and videos.

Put thought into every post, employ free giveaways and special discount competitions to build your fans and followers and create further awareness. Everyone is willing to “like” or “follow” you if there is a chance to win something. If you create synergies across all your marketing and PR activities, you will generate emotions and make people connect with and spread the word about your brand.

4. Emotionalise and stay engaged

stay engagedSpeaking of great content…

Once you have your content plan in place – utilise it to inspire interaction. Think outside the box, tell a great story, try and make your social media messages personal, share-worthy and memorable to create an emotional connection.

Show your audience that you care and that they belong to your “club”. Ask them for their opinion on a certain topic or product, ask them to share their favourite content with you, ask them to contribute ideas. Ask = Engage. It’s mandatory to engage and stay engaged with your fans and followers to build a relationship and, more importantly, trust. Be transparent. You might have heard of the so-called Social Media shitstorm…. If negative comments or problems occur, make sure to address these problems with understanding.

5. Monitor, measure, manage

mentorLike any other marketing activity, social media marketing requires metrics in order to measure and manage the success of your campaign.

As you invest a lot of effort in the various social networks, you will eventually see the traffic of your website increase.

However, if you are doing other forms of advertising like Facebook ads, it might become tricky to determine the source of your results. Therefore, using an analytics programme is highly recommended, since it can save you a lot of time and money. Appoint someone in your team or externally to monitor the analytics on a regular basis and adjust your campaign goals, if necessary.

Good luck!

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