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The run-up to the Europas Tech Awards – A list of all Berlin nominees Written by Charmaine Li on 4. November 2011

Start-ups in the run-up to the Europas Tech Awards

Voting has closed – but for the curious amongst us, here’s a list of all Berlin nominees in the run for The Europas Tech Awards ( Chaired by TechCrunch Europe’s Mike Butcher and held since 2009, it’s Europe’s most prestigious honour for early stage Internet and mobile technology start-ups, selected annually by a combination of advisory board members and industry voters. Winners will be announced at a London ceremony on November 17, 2011.

Start-ups in the run-up to the Europas Tech Awards

Berlin-based nominees for The Europas Awards

The big four:

1. SoundCloud (

– The Europas Hero Award – Kicking Ass Globally From Europe
– Alexander Ljung, Eric Wahlforss – Best Start-up Founder / Co-Founders
– David Noel – Best Start-up Advisor/Mentor of the Year 2011

width="80"A powerful audio sharing tool that’s taking the music-creation scene by storm, SoundCloud currently has 8 million users to its name and a recently launched iPad app. The concept was born out of founders Alexander Ljung and Eric Wahlforss’ frustrations in sending and receiving large music files over the web. The popular and easy-to-use platform can be used by anyone looking to; upload, record, or even promote self-created sounds online.

2. Zalando (
– The Europas Hero Award – Kicking Ass Globally From Europe
– Best Commerce, Finance, or Payments Start-up

width="80"The e-tailer opened its doors to the UK market in April this year, and continues to expand on its impressive range of 40,000 products from more than 600 brands. For fashionistas and trendsetters, this online shoe shop boasts more than just shoes, there’s a secure and easy payment system to boot.

3. Point Nine Capital (

– Best VC of the Year 2011
– Christoph Janz – Best Angel or Seed Investor of the Year

width="80"A merging of venture capitalists and angel investor Christoph Janz, Point Nine Capital provide the care and backbone for getting businesses ahead with large amounts of capital on offer. Launched in June this year, the company exclusively focuses on early-stage investments in Internet companies.

4. Amen (

Best Mobile or Apps Start-up, Best Social Platform or Networking Start-up
– Felix Petersen, Florian Weber, Caitlin Winner, Ricki Vester Gregersen – Best Start-up Founder / Co-Founders

AmenLaunched in San Francisco in September this year, Amen is a Twitter-like app that encourages strong opinions. The mobile application allows you to input anything from places to people, and decide what you think is the ‘best’ or the ‘worst’. Love or hate something with a passion? This is an app to air all those sharp thoughts.

Our list of other budding businesses, looking to do Berlin proud:

Babbel ( – Best Education, Recruitment, Media Start-up

width="80"A ‘fast and fun’ learning approach to learning languages online with; clear, well thought-out tutorials. The educational tool adopts state-of-the-art technology through Internet, modern software and mobile devices.

Berlin Partner GmbH
( – Best Service Provider to Start-ups (Legal, Financial, PR etc.)

width="80"Assisting investors in making Berlin ‘home’, the agency provides support and helps companies tap into local and international markets.

Berlin Startup Jobs ( – Best Education, Recruitment, Media Start-up

width="80"Founded by start-up advisor Hessam Lavi, Berlin Startup Jobs is a growing collection of open jobs in Berlin’s internet start-up industry: A one-stop-shop for talents looking to connect with the right company.

Brands4friends ( – Best Exit 2011

width="80"Acquired by eBay for a cool $200 million, Brands4friends caters to a more higher-end fashion and lifestyle market. With high-quality branded products on offer, the e-tailor promises members up to 70% off recommended retail prices.


Christoph Maire, Angel/Txtr – Best Angel or Seed Investor of the Year

width="80"A serial entrepreneur, Christoph Maire has helped build a gamut of successful online enterprises. Maire has a proven track-record of building up prosperous businesses like Eye’Em and txtr SoundCloud.


DailyDeal ( – Best Exit 2011

width="80"Acquired by Google in September for a recently released figure of $140 million. The German Groupon clone launched at the end of 2009 and offers visitors daily deals in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.


EyeEm ( – Best Mobile or Apps Start-up

width="80"An ambitious smartphone camera and photo-sharing app which learns what you like through the photos you post. EyeEm uses this data to recommend similar photos and albums from friends, all through an easy and handsome interface.


FoundersLink ( – Best European Start-up Accelerator

width="80"Supports and helps launch new companies by connecting; business concepts, talent, and access to capital. The new start-up mentor believes in giving entrepreneurs a ‘big-bang’ approach in creating savvy business ideas in Berlin.


Iversity ( – Best Education, Recruitment, Media Start-up

width="80"Best described as a social network for academics where work is shared and commented-on between users. This ‘facebook for geeks’ version received a €1.1M boost in August to fund a world-class product, and now has more than 12,000 registered users.


MusicPlayr ( – Best Entertainment, Audio, Video, Music Start-up

width="80"Merges music together from different storage spaces like SoundCloud and Youtube. Simple but effective, and so far – successful within the German market.


OrderBird ( – Best Business or Enterprise Start-up

width="80"A successful app creation launched in February this year for restaurant Point of Sales (POS) systems. The app aims to integrate gastronomic billing software and the use of Apple IOS devices.


ReadMill ( – Best Social Platform or Networking Start-up

width="80"An open platform for social-reading that allows you to share books and favourite passages with friends. The app aims to make full-use of ebooks with the implementation of social features like comment threads and discussion boards.


RocketInternet ( – Best European Start-up Accelerator

width="80"Helps establish innovative online businesses with support through resources and advice on capital. The start-up supporter boasts an impressive track-record of successful start-ups, such as; Zalando, Billpay, and eDarling.


Tape.TV ( – Best Entertainment, Audio, Video, Music Start-up

width="80"To rival the likes of MTV, this online music site lets you watch and listen to around-the-clock music videos and adapts to your personal taste. Competitors are biting their nails, with impressive figures like; 45,000 music videos and 3.9 million users.


TeamEurope ( – Best European Start-up Accelerator

width="80"Assists internet entrepreneurs in exploring and developing ideas to launch a successful business. TeamEurope helped companies like Brands4friends and StudiVZ prosper into thriving enterprises.


Wimdu ( – Best Transport, Travel or Environmental Start-up

width="80"Growing from the European to international markets, Wimdu is a marketplace for; private apartments, houses, and rooms. Great for travellers and hosts alike, the company currently lists around 10,000 apartments in more than 150 cities world-wide.


Wunderlist ( – Best Mobile or Apps Start-up

width="80"Touted as the best ‘to-do’ app, Wunderlist is a free and easy-to-use task manager for Windows, Mac, iPhone, iPad, Android and the Web. An effective ‘sync’ button lets you see and manage your tasks wherever you are.


Assistance: Magdalena Räth

Photo credits: / M.E.