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The Factory: Berlin's new five-story incubator to host SoundCloud, 6wunderkinder and others Written by Marguerite Imbert on 25. April 2012


News is that Berlin-based Angel and Seed Investor JMES Investments has partnered with s+p Real Estate to create a massive, five-story “factory” for Berlin’s finest startups. And SoundCloud will be the first to move in. 6wunderkinder’s also supposed to follow suit, one founder tells us. Though it’s still too soon to tell whether it’s going to be a company-builder or a couple big names noshing on the same cafeteria dumplings, we’re definitely excited. It’s calling itself an office space, an accelerator, an incubator… Could it be a better solution than all the other hybrids?
Funded by private investors in addition to the JMES team (Udo Schloemer, Sascha Gechter, Marc Brucherseifer, Andreas Hoffmann and Simon Schaefer), the costly site is said to span 8,500 square-meters in the former Oswald Brauerei building, located on Rheinsbergerstrasse at the corner of Brunnestrasse in Mitte.

The reported purpose? To become “the heart” of Berlin’s startup scene.

The space is aimed to become a new tech hub, equipped with the facilities and resources of an incubator and an accelerator. It’s also planning to serve as office space for startups, the first of which to commit is SoundCloud. In addition to cubicles and a large conference area, there will be a fitness room, basketball court, restaurant, deli and art gallery. “Of course we have the network for a great financing round for startups,” said Simon Schaefer, “but every founder, idea or deal will be treated differently. We do not want to narrow ourselves into incubation or acceleration. Every option should all be possible.”

And how many floors does SoundCloud get? Don’t they need five and then some?

As to SoundCloud’s decision to move in, it will certainly be encouraging, as well as a good example for anything inspiring companies to follow suit. “The Factory will provide us with an environment that reflects the culture and working ethic of SoundCloud; one that fosters collaboration, innovation, creativity and development,” said Alexander Grosse, SoundCloud’s VP Engineering for SoundCloud, in a statement to TechCrunch. Currently, SoundCloud is operating from two offices in Berlin, so the choice will be centralizing if nothing else.
As to the factory and that peculiar name, we’re wondering about all the juicy details: Who’s going to be featured in the gallery? How sweaty will that gym be? And what exactly does a “tech hub comprising a startup incubator and accelerator programs with office space” mean?
Image credit: TechCrunch