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The future of sexting? Introducing Pair, from Y Combinator's Demo Day Written by Marguerite Imbert on 28. March 2012

Silicon Allee meets Silicon Valley: For the next 10 days, our Editor in Chief is in the Valley on a sort of cultural exchange with our California brothers from another mother. She’s meeting with everyone from Index Ventures to Twitter and Uber, and sharing highlights from all the top conferences and faces in town. At Y Combinator’s Demo Day in Mountain View, 65 startups showed off their products. Here’s one that caught her eye. For more coverage from the Valley, stay tuned!
We all know those couples who share blogs, those older couples who share emails, those dramatic couples who aim Morissey quotes at each other under the guise of a wider social network, incidentally their relationship status fluctuating with the severity of the lyrics. Yes, there are certain tweets and Instagrams aimed at you, just you, and you know who you are.

Introducing Pair, the social network for couples

That’s right, couples. Listen up. Sid and Nancy. Mom and pop. Barack and Michelle. You crazy gymnast and your obsessive coach? Producers and actors… On Pair, users can create a private timeline where they share photos (in a section called “moments”) videos, drawings (think Facebook paint app circa 2007), activities and more. Instead of a “poke” there’s a “thinking of you” button. Launched as an iPhone app four days ago, it’s already facilitating over 1 million messages. One user called it “this magical combinaton of privacy and real time.” But we’re seeing other applications as well as romance.

The future of sexting? Or maybe just a way for you and your real estate agent to share closet shots

Pair’s aiming at bringing intimacy to all the features that make up our favorite social networks, with personal touches like “thumbkissing,” which shows you your partner’s thumbprint whenever she’s touching the screen (creepy?). For those Type A couples, you can create and share to-do lists and set reminders. For our favorite sexting celebrities, this could be a way of avoiding some accidentally public messages to lovers and bartenders. For any other couples enabling the tool, this could be the means to more efficient, private communication.
For other intimate relationships (think, you and your developer, mother, or real estate agent), these commands may be a bit awkard but the platform could still prove useful in the long-run as a private space to share multiple media.

A natural progression from Facebook to Path to Pair

According to SV Angel and Path founder Dave Morin, Facebook created social networking’s “cities,” Path built its “houses” and Pair built its “bedrooms.” Just how steamy will these bedrooms get? That’s up to you. And the 50,000 romantics who have already signed up. Is this new? No. There’s an app called Between that’s been out like this for awhile in Asia.
But is there high potential for the market? Yes, especially because after usage, couples can potentially download “memory books” in the future: a way of keeping records, and digitalizing memories. Personalized timelines make a ton of sense. Problems? A couple product glitches. You can’t unselect photos, create captions…but cofounder Oleg Kostour says they’re “aware of these issues and working on them.”