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Bartering Swedes target Berlin startups on a campaign of good taste Written by Charmaine Li on 28. March 2013

The Pop-Up Agency

The Pop-Up Agency

The Pop-Up Agency has arrived in Berlin to work with their first startup in the city: mobile app HowDo. The agency is made up of six Swedish design students from Hyper Island who are travelling the globe to work on creative projects with startups.

How it works: the agency takes on a brief, flies to your city, works relentlessly for 48 hours and then delivers a solution to the company before moving on to the next destination.

Instead of accepting money for their services, the Pop-Up Agency have opted for a bartering plan that involves the client taking care of the team’s transportation to the city, providing workspace and food/drink for their stay. For startups with smaller marketing or brand budgets, this could be a practical alternative.

Unsurprisingly, the agency was inspired by the pop-up concept, which has been popular in shops, bakeries and events. Germany marks the fourth of 15 stops in their Pop-Up Tour around the world. Since March, the team has worked on seven projects in Sweden, the Netherlands and France with clients such as digital production company Media Monks and Stockholm startup Surftrain.

Understanding a company’s vision, delving into a creative problem and delivering a viable concept/strategy is a process that can take even big name agencies from several weeks to months – it will be interesting to see the results of the Pop-Up Agency’s 48-hour work session for HowDo.

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