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The six bloggers shaping Poland's tech blogosphere Written by Jaroslaw Bialek on 28. May 2012

Although in terms of Europe’s internet usage (dominated by Russia and Germany) Poland may not be the top player, there is a strong core of internet power-players that are shaping the tech scene. Jaroslaw Bialek explains why Poland’s bloggers are ones to follow.

Poland is the European leader in blog engagement

Last year’s comScore’s research revealed that Poland leads European markets in blog engagement, with only Japanese and South Korean visitors spending more time visiting blogs worldwide. According to the report, the average visitor in Japan spent more than an hour (62.6 minutes) visiting blogs in June. South Korea ranked second with an average of 49.6 minutes on blog sites, followed by Poland at 47.7 minutes.
So who are the people shaping Poland’s technological blogosphere?

Grzegorz Marczak

The author of a popular technological blog –, and repeatedly awarded and honored by media and in numerous contests. He’s also a co-author of services such as, or Apart from high-tech news on his blog, he often sheds some light on newest developments within startups, social networking platforms and the blogging ecosystem.


Maciej Budzich

The author of a blog covering media, marketing and internet-related topics – – and the chief editor of “Mediafun Magazine”. Budzich covers the issues he’s passionate about: media, non-standard advertising campaigns and everything related to new tech and its role in brand building, image and company promotion.
He’s spoken on several conferences (Forum IAB, InternetBeta) and is a faculty member of School of Ad Masters (Szkoła Mistrzów Reklamy), Collegium Civitas, University of Social Sciences and Humanities, School of Public Relations (Akademia Sztuk Komunikacji). Maciej stands also behind initiatives related to media, internet and information society: TUBA conference, MediafunLAB, and a Prime Minister vs. Internauts debate (Ask the Prime Minister). He is co-organizer of Aula Polska (a platform connecting young entrepreneurs and enthusiasts of new technologies).

Artur Kurasinski

Kurasinski started his adventure with commercial internet in 1999 by selling his newly created startup to Prokom Software Group. He’s a founder of a consulting-creative agency ( focused on activities within areas of new media (with special emphasis on internet and mobile services). He’s also active as an investor ( and co-owns a chain of outlets (
He is also co-organiser of the Aula Polska platform and since 2008 has been running a media and business blog ( He has cooperated and created solutions for companies like: Agora, GG Networks, Commercial Union, Red Bull, Warta, Masterfoods, TP S.A., Western Union, Axel Springer, Expander, Avantis, Telecom Media, Groupon Polska and Microsoft Polska. (One Polish Berlin-based investor Pawel Chudzinski called him “the gateway between the startup world and the corporate world.”)

Tomek Tomczyk

Currently one of the most popular bloggers in the Polish blogosphere, Tomczyk currently runs three blogs: (media, advertising, new tech and computer games), (relations between men and women, emotional psychology, humor and celebrities), and (fashion, lifestyle, cooking and travel).
(Chudskinski described him as a “social phenomenon – controversial and edgy”.)

Pawel Tkaczyk

Pawel runs a blog covering topics related to brand building and contemporary marketing. He also co-edits a podcast “Little Big Company” (Mała wielka firma) where he helps budding entrepreneurs and others in running their ventures.
The author of bestselling books (about brand building and using game mechanisms in marketing actions) and several articles, he’s an entrepreneur himself, powering his own company – MIDEA – with his passion for storytelling, empowering his client-companies by brand storytelling and content marketing consulting.

Przemyslaw Pajak

Przemyslaw PajakEditor-in-chief at Spider’s Web, the website which gathers articles from technology-related blogs. For over a decade he used to work within marketing on both “sides” of the business – at first for the Institute of Media Monitoring and later for Prymat, the leading Polish spice producer.
For over six years Pajak was in charge of Prymat’s communication policy. He’s been involved in a number of spectacular marketing projects, including the ones related to popular TV programs Good Morning TVN and Kitchen Revolutions (Dzień Dobry TVN and Kuchenne Rewolucje). He co-founded, a social networking site for food lovers. He collaborates with “Newsweek Polska”, TVN24 and TVN CNBC, commenting there on the latest technological news.
Parts of the text and images (author: Aleksandra Anzel) come from WEB ² LUDZIE POLSKIEGO INTERNETU