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Spreadshirt announces record turnover Written by Charmaine Li on 11. November 2011

width="219"Germany’s t-shirt printing company Spreadshirt, has announced an expectant €100 million in turnover over the next few years. Founded in 2002 by Lukasz Gadowski, Spreadshirt seemed to have had a tough time, after Gadowski changed position from CEO to chairman of the company. This year Philip Rooke, former CEO of iVillage and responsible for sales and marketing at Spreadshirt, replaced Jana Eggers as Managing Director.

The online customized-clothing platform allows individuals and commercial organisations to design, buy and sell their own creative apparel. Spreadshirt is targeting an annual turnover record of €40 million by the new year after a dramatic rise in demand from North-Amercia of 86%. Spreadshirt also achieved an overall demand of 27% in the first half of this year. The e-commerce service, which started in Leipzig, has offices worldwide, including; Berlin, Paris and Boston.

Our partner-magazine Gründerszene, had the chance to interview Philip Rooke in May this year. Check out the video below for an in-depth look.