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The Start-up Success of Soundcloud Written by Charmaine Li on 14. November 2011


Since its humble beginnings more than four years ago, Alex Ljung and co-founder Eric Wahlforss, spent their days in a café in Stockholm, Sweden. Armed with two laptops, a mobile phone, and perhaps a latte on the side, the two men created what has now become a global success story. Having recently taken-out the Schroders Innovation Award 2011 at the European Tech Tour Awards, Soundcloud continues to garner praise for its social sound platform. The audio distribution program allows musicians to collaborate, promote, and circulate their tracks and recordings; much in the same way that Flickr is for photos, and Vimeo is for videos. Today, the Swedish-grown, Berlin-raised platform is used in more than 100 apps, boasts more than 8.5 million users worldwide, and has grown from the Ljung-Wahlforss force to 50 employees.

For a look at how it all started, and tips for budding entrepreneurs, check out Fast Company’s video below.