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The Top 10 tech events in Berlin this week Written by Michelle Kuepper on 21. August 2012


Want to skip straight to the best bits of Campus Party and TOA? We trawled through the websites to pick out the top 10 events we’re looking forward to at both of the goliath events this week…

1. Campus Party – Paulo Coelho (Wednesday 12 noon – 1pm at the Main Stage, Tempelhof Airport)

Paulo CoelhoBrazilian lyricist and novelist, made famous by his international best-seller The Alchemist, Paulo Coelho is considered as one of the most influential authors of our times. He’s also – according to Forbes, the second most influential celebrity across social media platforms with more than 4 million followers on Twitter and 8 million fans on Facebook.

2. Campus Party – Startup vs Corporate life (Wednesday 2:30pm at the Hypathia Stage, Tempelhof Airport)

The difference between working for an established corporation and a startup may seem enormous, but this conference is here to highlight how the two can work together to build better products and services. Key speaker Olga Steidl, who has extensive experience as the CEO of a startup and mentor at Seedcamp, alongside working for multi-national corporations, will outline the key differences between working in small teams to build startups and coercing with more than 1000 employee-sized companies. In June 2012, Olga was nominated by The Moscow Times as one of the top 10 Russian entrepreneurs to watch.

3. Campus Party – Startup Weekend Airport (22-24 August at the Hypathia Stage, Tempelhof Airport)

Here for more work than play and need a kick in the butt to get your startup idea off the ground? If you speak German – Break into a team to work on your idea for 54 hours with the support of expert coaches and mentors. If you haven’t got the next SoundCloud in your head but you’re a rockstar developer, creative genius or passionate manager, then get involved – your skills are wanted! The event culminates in a pitch for the “Ready to Take Off” award on the Entrepreneur Stage (Hypathia) in front of big-time investors, and you could walk away with €150,000 funding. Register here for Startup Weekend Airport at a cost of €35 .

4. TOA – The Big Picture discussion: Milking the Capital Cow (Thursday 10:05-10:50 at Kater Holzig)

Schuyler Deerman, Mike Butcher, Paul Jozefak and Felix Petersen are hosting this dynamic discussion and providing expert insights into how to raise capital.
Cash Cow

5. Campus Party – Berlin RoboGames Talk (Thursday 2:30pm-3:30pm Gallileo Stage, Tempelhof Airport)

Professional robot combat referee Simone Davalos, will be speaking about RoboGames – the largest open robot competition and the robots’ own Olympics which comprises of 30 competing nations and 60 different competitions – from kung-fu and acrobatics to vehicles with autonomous navigation and 100kg combat robots.

6. Campus Party – Listening to Colours (Thursday 4:30pm-5-30pm at the Leonardo stage, Tempelhof Airport)

Neil HarbissonAlongside being an artist and the president of the Cyborg Foundation, Neil Harbisson is also the world’s first cyborg. Born with a achromatopsia, he was unable to see any colour until he had an electronic eye installed when he was 20 – allowing him to recognise colours by sounds. Now he’s defending the rights of cyborgs and working to extend the potential of cybernetic body extension, and speaking at Campus Party, naturally. Catch him later on at 8pm for his performance

7. Campus Party – Julien Fourgeaud: The Leap of Faith (Thursday 5:30pm-6:30pm at the Main Stage, Tempelhof Airport)

One of the brains behind Rovio’s Angry Birds, Finnish product wizard Julien Fourgeaud will speak from personal experiences that have shaped his life to walk you through the key elements of taking risks and moving out of your comfort zone.
Angry Birds

8. Campus Party – Final Women in Tech Panel: The Green Ceiling (Thursday 9:45pm-10:45pm at the Hypathia Stage, Tempelhof Airport)

It’s a fact that the tech and startup scene is largely male dominated. According to the David Eccles School of Business – investors are less likely to back an IPO from a female led company. Three highly successful women are on a mission to change all that. Hosting this discussion will be Linda Cheung (CEO of Cubesocial), Danae Ringelmann (Co-founder of Indiegogo) and Jeannette Gusko (Communication management scientist) to talk about the challenges of gaining startup funding as a female

9. TOA satellite event – Future of Travel (Friday 12-1pm at St Oberholz)

travel futureHosted by Roomsurfer & the soon-to-be launched Jetstream (Monica Zaldivar and Benjamin Kaubisch), this event is about all things travel and smartphones. Learn how to create your own travel guide using your smartphone and crowdsourced information from social media

10. Campus Party – Sir Tim Berners-Lee (Saturday 12noon at the Main Stage, Tempelhof Airport)

Knighted by Queen Elizabeth II in 2004 for one of the most powerful inventions of this century, Sir Tim Berners-Lee’s success is by no means a small feat. Inventor of the World Wide Web, the Oxford graduate will be speaking about key experiences and his current efforts to better humanity through the further potential of the Web.

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Brace yourselves for Berlin’s bumper tech week!