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The Top 100 Berlin Twitter Accounts you need to follow NOW Written by Linsey Fryatt on 2. April 2012

twitter 100

[title]Top 100 Berlin Twitter – intro[/title]

twitter 100

UPDATE: We’ve also created a Twitter list, so you can subscribe easily – you can find it at the VentureVillage Twitter account.
Twitter has its sights set on Germany – Jack Dorsey’s been hob-nobbing with Angela Merkel, and news of Twitter offices in Berlin are all but confirmed, the social media platform is obviously keen to convince the as-yet-sceptical German population of its worth.
But there’s a hardcore of Twitterscenti that are set to super-charge Berlin – all either based here or with strong connections to the city. We’ve chosen our Top 100 Berlin Twitter Accounts based not only on number of subscribers, or mass of Tweets, but on how they interact, their networks and whether we like their content. We’ve tried to avoid faceless company accounts and focus on personalities instead, unless there’s real value there. So get your Follow fingers ready and click on the page links below – here’s our hottest Berlin Twitter accounts…
Follow us @venturevillage.
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