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How it feels to be a woman in tech Written by Christine G. Coester on 7. December 2016

The audio might not be perfect, but don’t let that turn you off Startup Notes, a new online resource that produces podcasts featuring interviews with startup founders.
The three founders, Emil Beck, Thomas Harsch and Ignacio Khalek, share the entrepreneurial insight from founders and investors in one-on-one interviews, an idea they come up with during their studies. They asked themselves, why are these stories kept behind closed doors and only accessible during lectures or private events?
The team is focusing on “the free flow of knowledge” and they want to ensure there are “no entrepreneurial borders in Europe.”
Startup Notes releases a new podcast or video interview on Sunday. So far they’ve published eight podcasts, each one better than the last.
Take a listen to their most recent podcast with the co-founder of Oval Money, Benedetta Arese Lucini!


“Both Rocket and Uber are very similar in a way that they are really highly execution focused companies. I think that the most interesting part about these companies is that even if you’re not a developer, you really can have an impact on the business. And that is definitely something both Rocket and Uber have taught me that I’m trying to replicate in Oval Money.”

In this episode:

  • Benedetta’s journey of starting out in banking and joining the entrepreneurial world
  • Differences between business environments in Europe, USA and Asia
  • Why she left Uber and decided to start her own business
  • Benedetta’s vision for Oval Money in 10 years
  • Why recruiting for diversity is one of the most important aspects when employing new people and how diversity improves decision-making within companies
  • Benedetta’s career advice for people who want to start their own company at some point