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This startup pinpoints any location in the world using three words Written by Jana Kugoth on 27. June 2017

How do you find a place without an address? The London-based startup What3words is trying to solve this problem by creating a new system for addresses – with just three words you can find any location in the world.

The software “divided the world into a grid of 3m x 3m squares and assigned each one a unique three word address,” What3word’s CCO Clare Jones explains.

What3word’s approach is interesting because it determine locations more precisely than with conventional street names and apartment numbers. Less ambiguity means the service can be used to deliver products, navigate self-driving cars and by drones.

This explains why Deutsche Bahn, one of Germany’s largest transport companies, took interest in the startup and jumped on as an investor. The startup collected more than 13.5 million euros (15.1 million USD ) since launching.

This text originally appeared on NGIN MOBILITY (German).

Photo credit: NGIN MOBILITY