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VentureVillage's Top 10 video reports of 2012 Written by Elaine on 24. December 2012

get comfy

get comfy

From meeting footballing robots to exploring the latest tech trends and cultural issues, it’s been a bumper year for our Berlin video crew. We’ve recorded and compiled a breadth of stories and events in VentureVillage’s first full year of being online.

As we all unwind into the holiday period, dust off your Lazyboy, recline with a hot beverage and flick through our Top 10 video reports of 2012, all here in no particular order..

Tour of the Factory – Berlin’s ultimate tech hub

Germany’s most ambitious office and co-working project. The historic ex-brewery in the heart of the city, straddling the former site of the Berlin wall, is undergoing a compete makeover to become a cutting-edge working environment for startups and tech companies. Worth an undisclosed two-digit million euro figure, it’s already pulled in big names like Google, Mozilla, and Soundcloud.

We went on tour of the Factory in July to find out about its history and vision from JMES’ seed and angel investor Simon Schaefer.

Kitchensurfing brings the dinner party to Berlin

Kitchensurfing launched in Berlin in October, giving home diners a chance to culturally connect with keen cooks and culinary artists. An online marketplace of chefs for foodies, the site allows users to hire someone to cook at their place for an agreed amount, including shopping time, service and cleaning.
We joined a Kitchensurfing dinner and chatted with Hamburg co-founder Borahm Cho about his cutting-edge idea…

The Best of Campus Party Europe 2012

A week-long tech and science festival in the last week of August, Campus Party crowds swelled to 10,000 attendees at Berlin’s historic Tempelhof airport. People flocked from 77 countries to network, share ideas, and learn from world famous thought leaders.
VentureVillage was there to catch the colour and action – meeting anyone from the creator of the web to robot soccer stars…

Social Enterprise – getting to the heart of business

Merging profit motives with public responsibility, social enterprise businesses are becoming the “new heart” of industry – worldwide. Propelled by 2006 Nobel Peace Prize laureate Muhammad Yunus, social business is a fairly new but upcoming concept which seeks to balance the interests of a profitable model with a social mission.
In May, we explored some of Berlin’s most promising international social businesses and the faces behind them…

Where are all the women entrepreneurs?

Let’s face it, there’s a dearth of women at the helm of startups worldwide. Back in April, the Founder Institute reported that only one in five international companies is founded by women. Here in Berlin, one of the world’s fastest growing online entrepreneurial cities with one of the fewest female founders, we explored why…

The explosive rise of Mobile photography – Instagram and beyond

With news of Facebook buying photo-sharing company Instagram for $1 billion back in April, VentureVillage decided to look into the growing culture of mobile photography that changing the way we capture moments..

A Gidsy Adventure

To get to the heart of topics we report on, it seemed only fair to sink our teeth into online marketplace of experiences Gidsy, back in February. Watch our video correspondent Elaine Jung go on a sightseeing venture, graffiti workshop, and take up lessons in ice-skating and Powerbocking.

Kids and Tech – Inside the world of Berlin’s digital natives

An insight into the world of Generation Tech. In July, we got up-close with some of Berlin’s youngest digital natives, intuitively in-touch with the ever advancing world of technology. According to a study released by Internet security company AVG, 69 per cent of children aged two to five can use a computer mouse – but only 11 per cent can tie their own shoelaces.
We took a look at the lives of kids, from iPad-using babies to a computer-programming 10-year-old boy.

Berlin Geekettes – Women in tech

The Berlin Geekettes, a group founded by startup PR agent Jessica Erickson, serves as a community of women helping each other, as well as empowering and inspiring more women to love tech and board the cyber bandwagon.
We joined one of their meet-ups at the city’s new Google office in July to find out more…

Startupbootcamp Berlin takes on the Elevator Pitch

Back in September, Startupbootcamp kicked-off its three month intensive program in Berlin, with 10 small startup teams from around the world developing and fine-tuning their product for (what’s hoped to be) startup stardom.
The happy campers paid VentureVillage a visit – armed with fresh ideas and business pitches. So, we thought we’d keep things interesting..

Image credit: Flickr user evilerin