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The top 26 international tech journalists: a European startup's guide Written by Tilo Bonow on 18. April 2013


Hey European startups, ready for a media-assisted boost in growth? Piabo founder Tilo Bonow, a Berlin-based expert in PR for tech and
entrepreneurs, shares his guide to 26 of the best international tech journalists currently in the business…

Media exposure assists companies in many ways: Whether positioning against competitors, attracting investors or gaining new partners and customers, these many factors have a deep impact on company growth.

This applies not only for the German-speaking market but globally. As tech and digital companies expand internationally, it is vital to gain the much-needed attention and support of global media. For this reason, we share 26 of the must-know journalists of the international tech ecosystem. If you are planning international expansion, then these journalists are for you:

Mohan Belani / e27 reports on digital innovation out of Asia. Mohan Belani is co-founder of the news portal and is interested in mobile, tech events and startups with a focus on the Asian market.

Twitter: @mohanbelani

Liam Boogar / Rude Baguette

Rude Baguette is France’s first English-language startup media outlet. The magazine-like blog reports about the Paris startup scene on an international level. Liam Boogar is chief editor and founder of the Rude Baguette.

Twitter: @LiamBoogar

Bianca Bosker / Huffington Post

Bianca Bosker works with the Huffington Post, focusing on new apps, social media, international tech developments and large digital corporations. She also focuses on women in the digital industry.

Twitter: @bbosker

Martin Bryant / The Next Web

Martin Bryant is the international managing editor for The Next Web. He is often present at various US tech events (great places to meet him). Bryant not only reports on large companies such as Google and Facebook but has a great intuition for startups.

Twitter: @MartinSFP

Mike Butcher / TechCrunch (Europe)

Mike Butcher is editor-at-large for TechCrunch and co-founder of TechHub, a community project for startups in the UK. His focus: Europe, startups, emerging markets and the TechCrunch Disrupt conference.

Twitter: @mikebutcher

Rory Cellan-Jones / BBC

Rory Cellan-Jones is a British specialist for the digital industry and technology, currently with the BBC. He has his own news section at the BBC – dot.Rory.

Twitter: @BBCRoryCJ

Michael Copeland / Wired

Wired journalist Michael Copeland is very selective regarding the startups he covers. Also included in his repertoire: expert articles on the future of the digital ecosystem and internet.

Twitter: @MVC

Darrell Etherington / TechCrunch (US)

Darrell Etherington of TechCrunch specialises in early-stage tech startups. Whether it’s the newest app, online companies in their beta phase or gadgets, he’s a journalist with insight. Etherington not only writes about fresh new products but also top companies such as Apple and Facebook.

Twitter: @drizzled

Stuart Dredge / The Guardian

Stuart Dredge is a freelancer for tech editorial at the Guardian. A majority of his articles focus on startups, apps, as well as the international British tech scene and its latest developments.

Twitter: @stuartdredge

Linsey Fryatt / VentureVillage

Linsey Fryatt is a startup expert and the managing editor of VentureVillage, an online magazine affiliated with Gründerszene. Linsey and her team write about startups and companies in the digital industry throughout Europe.

Twitter: @linseyfryatt

Sarah Lacy / PandoDaily

PandoDaily may not be as well-known as Wired or TechCrunch but is definitely a highly respected tech media outlet. Sarah Lacy pushes startups into the limelight. Her unique debate panel “CEO Supper Club” is a discussion forum focused on current developments in the tech scene.

Twitter: @sarahcuda

Ingrid Lunden / TechCrunch (Europe)

Like Mike Butcher, Ingrid Lunden writes for TechCrunch Europe. She specialises on the mobile market, digital media, investments, acquisitions as well as topics in the communications and advertising sectors. Facts and figures are very often included and discussed in her articles.

Twitter: @ingridlunden

Om Malik / GigaOM

Om Malik launched tech magazine GigaOM. As a journalist, he is a critic focused on international developments in the digital industry, and is very open about his opinions on large companies exploiting products. Due to his insight and hands-on approach, large companies who simply state that their product is great never trick him; he checks the facts and is not intimidated. This tech expert also focuses on the international startup scene and its biggest players.

Twitter: @om

Matt Marshall / VentureBeat

Matt Marshall is the founder of online magazine VentureBeat and focuses on innovation in the startup industry and disruptive technology. If you are interested in news from the gaming industry, be sure to visit VentureBeat’s sister magazine GamesBeat.

Twitter: @mmarshall

Walter Mossberg / Wall Street Journal (US)

Walter Mossberg is known for his weekly column “Personal Technology” in the Wall Street Journal, in which he reports on digital and technology trends. He tests innovative gadgets, comments on international market developments and answers readers questions through his “Mossberg’s Mailbox”. Mossberg was instrumental in setting up AllThingsD and regularly writes for that online magazine.

Twitter: @waltmossberg

Ben Popper / The Verge

Ben Popper is trained in jiu jitsu (as is so often reported online) and writes articles for The Verge. He specialises in young tech companies, startups, Apple and games. A tip for readers: he enjoys discussion with people who leave comments on his articles.

Twitter: @benpopper

Cornelius Rahn / Bloomberg News

Cornelius Rahn works as the German editor for Bloomberg News. He is a specialist in German technology companies and reports on important international developments in the German market.

Twitter: @CorneliusRahn

Ben Rooney / Wall Street Journal (UK)

Ben Rooney writes for the Wall Street Journal about future technology trends as well as developments in the international technology industry. You will often find founder stories and startups referenced in his articles. Unique, yet normal, for Rooney are video posts with interviews regarding tech topics.

Twitter: @benjrooney

Robert Scoble / Scobleizer

Robert Scoble is an expert on the US tech scene. On Scobleizer, Scoble is presented as a journalistic one-man-band. In addition to articles, you will also find video interviews and sound posts on the news page.

Twitter: @Scobleizer

Ludwig Siegele / The Economist

The Economist is a British magazine with global coverage of business, politics and finance. With The Economist, Ludwig Siegele concentrates on European market developments, internet topics and technological advancements.

Twitter: @EconoScribe

Karsten Strauss / Forbes

Forbes journalist Karsten Strauss is responsible for technology and young entrepreneurs. His articles focus on product innovation, business model launches and developments in the tech industry.

Twitter: @KarstenStrauss

Kara Swisher / All Things Digital

Kara Swisher writes for – and founded – online magazine AllThingsD. Her topics include the latest news about tech startups, top tech companies and stories about professionals from the tech industry. Kara Swisher is also interested in communication topics such as viral videos. She also writes columns and comments about internet topics for the Wall Street Journal.

Twitter: @karaswisher

Robin Wauters / The Next Web (Europe)

Robin Wauters describes himself as a “lover of startups”. As European editor for The Next Web, he is well known for writing about startups. Wauters is not intimidated by popular startups but rather is deeply interested, involved and known to report on unknown, young tech companies.

Twitter: @robinwauters

Alex Wood / Tech City News

Tech City News provides you with all the news about startups and technology in London. Alex Wood is responsible for reporting about young digital companies as well as the “Elevator-Pitch” series, in which he introduces readers to new startups.

Twitter: @alexwoodcreates

Jenna Wortham / New York Times

Journalist Jenna Wortham writes for the New York Times and tech magazine “Bits – The Business of Technology”. She reports on tech startups, digital culture, new gadgets, and is a known app expert. Her specialties include the use of technology in everyday life.

Twitter: @jennydeluxe

Milo Yiannopoulos

Until recently, Milo Yiannopoulos was the editor and founder of The Kernel. According to Yiannopoulos, “the project has not been as much of a financial success as it has been an editorial one”. He’s also previously written for Wired, The Telegraph and TechCrunch. Rumours of a new European media project are in the works…

Twitter: @Nero

For experts – extra reading in Germany…

Alongside the international reporters and media outlets listed, Europe also has many English tech blogs and online news formats such as (in Berlin): Silicon Allee, TechBerlin and FridayAtSix. These online media outlets mainly report on startups and technology news in the German-speaking markets, but also provide market transparency for tech-lovers around the world.

And for gadget gurus?

For those interested in hardware and gagdets, it is definitely worth your time to check out the blogs Engadget and Gizmodo. Both media outlets provide leading opinions on products in the tech industry.

Image credit:
paparazzi – flickr user Jonathan Kos-Read


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