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Top 6 Quotes from Mary Grove at Factory Written by Michelle Beck on 16. March 2016

In case you missed the fireside chat with Mary Grove today, here are six of her best quotes. Mary is the director of Google for Entrepreneurs, which has campuses around the world, aimed at fostering community and launching great startups.

Berlin’s Startup Scene

“Everywhere I go Berlin is hot, hot, hot on the radar. People are talking about it, wanting to learn about it. It is a desirable place to live. The economics are also much more desirable than many large capital cities. It’s very attractive.”

Going Global

“We want all the startups we work with to think of launching for a global market from day one…internationalize as quickly as possible because the market moves so quickly.”

Advice for Founders

“Treat the receptionist the same as you would the CEO”
“There’s two things that I’ve seen are the greatest drivers of success. One, entrepreneurs who launch and iterate quickly and get feedback early and often. The second thing is going global…”

On place

“Entrepreneurship is thriving everywhere. You don’t need to move to the Valley to be successful”
“We know in start up ecosystems you can’t replace physical connectivity”
Thanks to Factory for hosting!