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Today's top headlines: Fab and GitHub get seriously ambitious, Google funds Machinima… Written by Nina Fowler on 22. May 2012

top tech headlines

News is best fresh. Here are the top stories handpicked by us from tech hubs around the world and served up daily next to our own original content. Enjoy!

Fab wants to raise $100m (at a super fab valuation) CEO Jason Goldberg shares his vision for the new e-commerce – he sees Fab as essentially competing with retail giant IKEA. Oh, and Fab is looking to raise another $100 million (according to sources, the valuation is under $1 billion, at $700 million pre-money). Read more on TechCrunch
Check out our coverage of’s growth since its German acquisition of the company formerly known as Casacanda

GigaOM covers “that keyboard shortcut startup” KeyRocket

KeyRocketKeyRocket was one of our favourites back at Twist Berlin in Feb. We heard them pitch again at Berlin’s first Tech Meetup. And there’s a longer profile fresh out today in GigaOM. Will KeyRocket dodge the deserved fate of Microsoft’s much-loathed office assistant Clippy? Check it out.
Read more: Liquid Labs’ Paul Jozefak shares his top productivity apps

Bootstrapped GitHub edging closer to Andreessen Horowitz

GitHubCoders’ favourite playground GitHub is nearing a close on a round of venture funding from Andreessen Horowitz, according to “sources familiar with the situation”. Read more on PandoDaily (which counts Andreessen Horowitz partners Marc Andreessen and Jeff Jordan among its investors)
Also this week, GitHub went live with (gasp) a Windows desktop app. Read about it with our editorial partner VentureBeat

Google leads $35M funding round for Machinima

MachinimaIt’s official: gaming-focused video programmer Machinima just received a $35 million funding round led by distribution partner Google. It’s the first time Google has backed a video production partner. Research company ComScore reckons Machinima offers better engagement than any other top YouTube channel. Read more on paidContent
For related reading (and all the gaming-related video stats from ComScore you can handle), check out VentureVillage’s Gaming keeps YouTube strong in Germany