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Rocket exodus continues: SEO and marketing staff abandon the Samwer ship Written by Marguerite Imbert on 1. February 2012

andre alpar

andre alparAfter three years with Rocket, Director of Marketing Andre Alpar reveals in his personal blog that he has left Rocket to join the agency AKM3. In must-be related news, Dominik Wojcik, a Senior Marketing Consultant at Rocket has announced that he is also leaving the Samwer fold, taking with him Rocket’s long-time SEO Developer Benedikt Illner (and one unnamed another colleague) to found their own agency called “Trust Agents”.
Alpar takes with him a large network of contacts, as well as entrepreneurial experience straight from the Samwer stable. The agency AKM3 GMBH, founded in 2010, specialises in strategic advice SEO, optimisation, and Google Shopping link marketing. Alpar will be an enormous contribution.

A question of Trust

In a separate blog post, Wojcik thanks a number of colleagues and insists that the team will continue to work for Rocket Internet: “Rocket Internet has secured an essential part of our time, so we will continue to work really closely together with Rocket Internet”.
Alpar has been Marketing Director at Rocket from 2008, where he headed up the company’s ​​search engine optimization (SEO) unit. Like other Rocket departures of late, this one brings the network effect. Alpar worked with the AKM3 founders Markus Koczy, Marc Aufzug and Maik Metzen since the times of Hitflip and Hitmeister. (His background is pedigreed, including work on successful assignments like Zalando and Groupon.)
The exodus continues…
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