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Turn your peers into pocket Lonely Planets – "smart location diary" Twisper launches Written by Michelle Kuepper on 20. February 2013

co-founders Twisper

Want to find the best coffee in Zurich, the best schnitzel in Vienna or the hottest secret bar in Berlin? Berlin-based location recommendations iPhone app Twisper has launched in the iTunes app store. The app lets users follow friends and people with similar interests to discover new bars, hotels, stores and more in foreign locations and at home.
co-founders Twisper
The app’s selling point is that it uses an algorithm to find new locations that could appeal to users after they mark at least five of their existing favourite locations in a city. Any locations they then add to the favourites list at a later time are included in the algorithm to make it more accurate.
Twisper uses this information to provide a travel guide service when users are on the move – based on a user’s likes in Berlin, the app makes recommendations on what places they could enjoy in, say, Zurich. Users can also add places to their “want to go list”, for future visits.
The app doesn’t only connect users to their Facebook friends – the founders believe this is too inaccurate as most are not close friends that have similar tastes. As cofounder and CEO David de Brito explains: “If one of my Facebook friends has ‘liked’ a restaurant out of pure interest, then the recommendation is of no value to me.” Cofounder and COO Darius Moeini says: “We wanted to develop an app that thinks and learns and makes suggestions based on your personality.”
The 15-person Twisper team is headed by three founders: Darius Moeni, David de Brito, and President, Swiss entrepreneur Thomas Sterchi, the founder of Sterchi also provided the six-digit starting capital through his company the Swiss Tom Talent Holding AG. Currently, Twisper is available in Berlin, Zurich, Zermatt and Vienna, with the promise that more cities are soon to come. The app is free to download.
Users can register through Facebook and get recommendations from their Facebook friends, or chose to only get recommendations from Twisper and users of the app with similar tastes.

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