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TWIST Berlin Cheat Sheet: The Video Roundup, Minute by Minute Written by Marguerite Imbert on 20. February 2012

On Friday, we hung out with Henrik Berggren and Paul Jozefak on the Twist Berlin jury, where we heard 19 passionate, innovative Berlin-based (!) startups pitch their keyboard shortcuts, mail-order toys, cloud-based email organizers, and late-in-the-game betting schemes. It was a dynamic night of Berlin-thusiasm and international collaboration, with the top five (that we selected after many grueling questions and much debate) got to appear on Jason Calacanis’s California-based, live-streamed show “This Week in Startups.” Check out the pitches below along with a rundown of the show, minute-by-minute!

“Mytoybox” is going to SF to represent Berlin!

It was a monumental moment for Berlin. We all felt proud of this city and all the people contributing to the progress and feeling.
So…for those of you who missed it: We know you’re busy, but if you have time, definitely watch the whole show (right here). Otherwise, definitely check out the 5 Berlin startups who got to pitch to Jason and pick your favorite highlights to watch from the time sequence below:

The top five pitches:

• Jan Mechtel on KeyRocket, the keyboard shortcut learning system. Watch:
• Hermann Frank on Fashionism, the location aware fashion discovery app. Watch:
• Shermin Vohmgir on Cinovu, a community for discovering and supporting indie films. Watch:
• Phillipp Mayer on SquadMail, a free app for email collaboration. Watch:
• Florian Spathelf on MeineSpielzeugKiste (translation: MyToyBox), the online toy subscription service. Watch:


In case you can’t watch it all, here’s a rundown of the content, minute-by-minute:

0:00-1:00 Welcome to the first TWiST Berlin meetup!
1:00-2:00 Today, we’re excited to bring you the next in our global meetup series that includes London, Paris, Seoul, South Africa and Chile.
4:30-7:00 We’re excited to announce a new sponsor today: LiquidWeb! Everyone go to to get $100 in free hosting.
7:00-10:00 Radek, are you there? What’s going on in Berlin?
10:00-12:00 What’s the tech scene like there?
11:00-12:00 Jan Mechtel pitches KeyRocket, the keyboard shortcut learning system. Check it out at
12:00-14:15 Great pitch, thank you Jan.
14:15-14:45 Tyler: I think the pitch was quite good, but I felt like you could have provided some data points about time saved using shortcuts.
14:45-16:00 Jason gives the presentation a 7.5 and Tyler gives it an 8.
16:00-16:30 Tyler: This product was made for you, Jason. Who is your target user?
16:30-17:00 Jason gives the product a 9 and Tyler gives it an 8.
17:00-18:00 Next up is Hermann Frank pitching Fashionism, the location aware fashion discovery app. Go to to see more.
18:00-19:00 Tyler: Sorry, this wasn’t a good pitch. I give it a 5.
19:00-19:45 Jason gives the pitch a 6.
19:45-21:45 Tyler and Jason give examples of how to reword the pitch.
21:45-22:45 Hermann, is this a website or an app?
22:45-23:15 Jason: I could see my wife really using this. I give the business a 9.
23:15-24:30 Is there a map view?
24:30-25:30 Tyler also gives the business a 9 or 9.5.
25:30-27:30 Thank you to Sourcebits for sponsoring the show. Everyone thank @Sourcebits!
27:30-30:00 Shermin Vohmgir pitches Cinovu, a community that is like Soundcloud for independent films. Go to to see more.
30:00-30:45 Jason: The pitch has high on concept but low on exact details. I give both the pitch and business a 6. We need specifics.
30:45-32:15 Tyler, what is your take on it?
32:15-33:30 Shermin: I disagree, I think that filmmakers don’t wait for funding to make their films.
33:30-35:00 Can’t filmmakers just put their film up on YouTube?
35:00-36:30 Tyler rewords the pitch.
36:30-38:30 Jason: There are some clever features and I think it’s a good looking website.
38:30-39:15 How much do I get for $5?
39:15-40:45 When is the website going to launch?
40:45-41:00 Jason gives the videos a 10, the pitch a 6 and the business an 8. Tyler gives the pitch a 6 and the business an 8.
41:30-44:00 Phillipp Mayer pitches SquadMail, a free app for email collaboration. Go to to see more.
44:00-46:15 Tyler: I don’t understand exactly what it does.
46:15-47:00 If I reply or delete an email, does it do that across the board, in everyone’s mail?
47:00-48:30 Jason gives the pitch a 7 and business a 7.5. Tyler gives the pitch a 6.
48:30-49:00 What’s the payment structure?
49:00-51:00 Discussion of the evil Samwer brothers.
52:30-54:00 Last up, we’re going to hear from MeineSpielzeugKiste (translation: MyToyBox). Pitching the online toy subscription service is Florian Spathelf. Go to to check it out.
54:00-55:15 Jason gives the pitch an 8.5 and the business a 9.5 and says that it’s a great idea.
55:15-56:00 A tip for startups: always have a hidden “whale” level for people who want to pay more money for better service or more/higher end goods.
56:00-58:30 Tyler gives the pitch an 8.5/9 and the business a 9.
58:30-1:02:00 Jason and Tyler review the pitches to pick a winner.
1:02:00-1:04:30 Jason’s top three are KeyRocket, MyToyBox and Fashionism. Tyler’s top three are KeyRocket, MyToyBox and SquadMail.
1:04:30-1:05:15 And the winners are… Jason chooses KeyRocket and Tyler chooses ToyBox so it’s a tie!
1:05:15-1:05:30 All five companies will get a free table and five free tickets to the LAUNCH Festival!
1:05:30-1:07:00 The winners make their acceptance speeches.
1:07:00-1:08:00 Radek, you did a spectacular job and I’m thrilled with the quality of the companies.
1:08:00-1:08:30 Long live German innovation, thanks everyone!