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Twitter reflects on 2012 – Our analytics and how to get your own Written by Michelle Kuepper on 12. December 2012

While you wouldn’t think 140 characters could have much impact, Twitter has become a source of public opinion and the voice of the masses, passing the 500 million user mark in June this year. And with the half a billion tweets per day these users are sending, Twitter generates some pretty interesting data, which they have gathered for their end of year release.


They’ve divided their data into a few categories, including giving the most retweeted tweets the “Golden Tweets” award and highlighting the events and topics that generated the most discussion in the “Pulse of the Planet” section. The “Only on Twitter” category focuses on the moments that appeared exclusively on the social network – including pictures of Hurricane Sandy taken from the International Space Station. Finally, the social network labelled the “Top Trends”, based on the most discussed keywords from the US, UK and Japan, and listed the famous new voices that joined Twitter in 2012, from Betty White to Pope Benedict.

If you want to find out what your most popular tweets were this year, Twitter has joined forces with Vizify to pull together analytics for users – just put in your Twitter details here. VentureVillage did their own analytics; here’s what our Twitter followers were most excited about this year…


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