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Twitter Berlin – the top Tweets from #teatimeBLN Written by Linsey Fryatt on 27. January 2012

Twitter Berlin

“Twitter hearts Berlin” “I’m just here for the free booze”
The Twitter Developer Teatime Berlin event may have wound up, but the free beers are still being quaffed and the networking is in full swing. As you’d expect from a collection of tech cognoscenti and the big Twitter hitters, there was plenty of live broadcasting from the event.
Along with calls to be quiet at the back, the inevitable crashed Wifi and requests for (free) beer at the bar, here’s our lowdown on the event, told through the medium of the top Tweets tagged as #teatimeBLN
Twitter Berlin@rsarver (Platform/API at Twitter)
“Twitter hearts Berlin”
@jasoncosta (Platform at Twitter)
Had really great meetings with @soundcloud, @tape_tv, @myvideo_de and more yesterday. The entrepreneurial ecosystem in Berlin is impressive.
@addywaddy (British developer)
Factoid: twitter’s api gets 15B hits a day
@janole (CEO/Founder of, creator of Gravity for Symbian)
Half a billion US$ of venture capital went into Twitter ecosystem companies during a period of six months last year
@kurrik (Dev Advocate at Twitter)
Facebook’s button looks like crap (said at event, not Tweeted)
@mussegam (Software Dev)
Extract meaningful information from Twitter’s stream seems to be the way to go
Twitter: Five opportunities for Twitter-based platforms: Analytics, Content, Curation, Publishing, Enterprise
@fromedome (editor at large for ReadWriteWeb)
A tweet (via API) is about 4K of data. Huh
@henrikberggren (Henrik Berggren, Readmill)
@JaviCuesta (Mobile Dev)
New and incredible features by Twitter regarding streaming API. Pay attention!!
@siliconeallee (tech blog)
Twitter streaming API sounds cool. All about push to apps. User and (private beta) site streams available
@kurrik (Dev Advocate at Twitter) Chrome extension for testing the real Twitter API
timmes (Mobile Dev)
10% of the @Readmill traffic comes from twitter
@freenerd (Berlin-based nerd)
@roelve presenting @soundcloud at twitter dev

@praetorious (Michael Praetorius: CEO at noeo)
Twitter knows how to make friends in Germany. The key is “Freibier” and the Rest API get’s eeeeeasy
@yvg (Yves Van Goethem, SoundCloud hacker)
I’m just here for free booze :b
little secret. There is no tea at teatime 🙂
@woischnik (Nico Woischinik, founder of Tech Berlin and organiser of event)
Estimating that around 200 people showed up at the teatime. Awesome outcome, thanks 4 coming everyone!
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