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UPcload goes live in Germany, plans US launch Written by Nina Fowler on 5. April 2012

Sebastian Sculze & Asaf Moses

Sebastian Sculze & Asaf Moses
Berlin startup UPcload went live with its much-anticipated online clothes sizing service in Germany yesterday, and has big plans for the rest of the year.
UPcload, founded by Sebastian Schulze and Asaf Moses (pictured above) in December 2010, promises a reliable way to find clothes that fit when shopping online. Sign up (for free), use a webcam to size yourself up, and you can use your UPcload ID to get accurate size recommendations from participating online stores.
It’s also reported that UPcload is planning a launch in the US later this year and will partner up with a major online shopping platform in the near future.
This week’s launch follows news last week that the UPcload is among the six latest companies to win a place in the German Silicon Valley Accelerator programme.
To celebrate going live (and introduce the service to new users and retailers), UPcload is hosting a “100 days eFashion Revolution Party” with special offers each day. Shops participating in the promotion include Fairqueen, 7Trends, Styleserver, Couture Society, nelou and Cleptomanicx.

Next stop, shoes

According to UPcload’s press kit, the company is working on three more innovations: feet measurement, body measurement through a smartphone rather than a webcam, and a mobile app to avoid taking five items to the change room only to find that none fit – rather, photo each item’s barcode to get a best guess first.
It’s an ambitious programme, backed by a strong technology development team and with some big brand names already on board (TheNorthFace, Berlin’s Workaholic Fashion). UPcload might just change clothes shopping as we know it.
The gospel according to UPCload’s Asaf Moses