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Celebrate VentureVillage's first birthday – the top 12 articles from the year Written by Michelle Kuepper on 26. October 2012

One year older and wiser and what do we have to show for ourselves? A whole lot of fun times, an in-depth dive into the Berlin startup scene and a heap of hopefully, helpful and entertaining articles on tech and entrepreneurship from the best city in the world.
We’re looking forward to being bigger and better in our second year, but before we move on, let’s reflect on our 12 most popular, controversial and informative articles and videos from the past 12 months.


November 2011

November 2011 saw one of Gründerszene and VentureVillage’s famous nights of networking, with a host of big names from the Berlin and European startup scene in attendance. Investors mingled with entrepreneurs, designers and developers, some even teamed up to work on the next big thing. We have all the happy snaps from the ever-popular photo booth in this event wrap-up.
Spätschicht: VentureVillage and Gründerszene Team Up to Host a Night of Networking

December 2011

We love being the first to break the news on great upcoming startups in Berlin and we think we were onto a winner when we did our video on social gif app Loopcam. The startup has since gone from strength to strength, gaining funding along the way and a place in the Apple app store.
GIF me the new Loopcam

January 2012

Taking inspiration from the “shit blahblah says” that went crazy all over YouTube, VentureVillage’s Marguerite Imbert decided there had to be one for everyone’s favourite European startup hub, Silicon Allee.
Highlights include: “It’s like Pinterest, only it’s…..No actually, it’s exactly like Pinterest,” “Amen is the best app I never, ever wanted” and “what does .de stand for?”

February 2012

Who could forget our exclusive scoop on the dirty work going on at Groupon. The story, which featured leaked emails from the deals site office in Berlin, caused a stir in the startup scene and led to a lot of finger pointing and PR work on the Groupon side.
Groupon manager attacks “slavedriver” CEO Daniel Glasner with two leaked emails

March 2012

Our Russian-based contributor Yakov Sadchikov gave us an inside look into who is making a splash in the Russian Internet scene. We found out why Russia is turning into a great startup hub, run by the strength of their engineers, and looked at some of the apps and sites on the rise, including hotel booking site, online shopping mall and personal assistant for Androids – Speaktoit.
The Top 10 Russian internet startups – welcome to the wild web frontier

April 2012

Seems like everyone in Berlin has a Twitter account nowadays, even your local Späty man. To make life easier for you, we sifted through the masses of Twitter accounts to bring you the best of the best of the Berlin scene. Whether it’s entrepreneurs, startups, investors or generally amusing people, if you’re not following them already, get on it!
The Top 100 Berlin Twitter Accounts you need to follow NOW

May 2012

Amen took guerrilla marketing to a whole new level when they took over iconic sites and areas of Berlin and made appropriate (and hilarious) Amen posters to describe them. The best example? “Hasenheide is the best place for buying organic, homegrown greens. Amen”
Amen’s unofficial city guide to Berlin

June 2012

Want to know what’s going on in the head of a highly successful founder? Lars Heinrich, the man behind German professional network Xing, gave VentureVillage an insight and told us all about the differences between the US and Germany, the Berlin bubble and why liquidation can be worth it.
Lars Hinrichs – 10 Things I Know…

July 2012

We couldn’t leave out our much loved and shared article by Adam Fletcher from The Hipstery. You went crazy for the tips he gave for spotting if you’d turned into a startup hipster – including working in a coworking office, a love of Scandanavians, turning your startup name into a verb and having 90% of your staff made up of interns. Sound familiar?
9 Signs you’ve become a startup hipster

August 2012

The backpacker’s Web Guide to Berlin makes travelling on a budget just that bit easier. For the tech-savvy traveller, this guide can open up a city in ways you never thought were possible. Some of our favourite apps and sites include Gidsy, Carpooling and Roomsurfer.
The backpacker’s Web Guide to Berlin – essential apps and sites to get it right

September 2012

Oliver Samwer may not be the most loved CEO in Germany but there is no denying that he is good at what he does. The Internet scene’s most simultaneously feared and adulated serial founder has some definite strong points, which Gruenderszene’s Joel Kaczmarek detailed in a controversially received article. Some of Samwer’s talents include being a stickler for details, not accepting any less than 100% from his employees and knowing how to behave accordingly in different situations.
22 business lessons that founders can learn from Oliver Samwer

October 2012

While it may be incredibly easy to get by in Berlin without speaking a word of German (in fact, in certain areas of Mitte it’s easy to forget that English isn’t in fact the official language of Berlin), it can be handy to know a little more than “ein Club Mate, bitte.” We’re here to help, rounding up the seven most imaginitive ways to learn the beautiful German language.
7 Cool New Ways to Learn German

Thanks for the support for the past year, we look forward to continuing to be your source for all things Berlin and startups in the years to come!