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How do you add up? Exclusive sneak peek of VERSUS' PeopleRank Written by Marguerite Imbert on 2. August 2012

Wit 60% monthly growth rate since soft-launching in April and 900K visits (85% unique) in July, VERSUS IO is quickly becoming our all-inclusive online comparison platform. By letting users enter any two products (from phones to tablets to body soap), the site serves up direct, detailed comparisons and a solid set of reasons to choose one product over the other.
Now the Berlin-based company is preparing to include a total of 640 verticals, including not only cities, law schools, and credit cards, but also people — yes, that means you! If you’re an entrepreneur, investor, soccer player or celebrity, you might want to check this out…

What can you expect?


VERSUS crawls for quantitative data of a person to create a “PeopleRank” score analogue to Google’s PageRank. It makes comparisons based on each of your available properties, including your college and degree (based on a global college ranking), your job and title (including the brand and popularity of the given company) and your overall career history (time spent until next promotions, etc).
It also compares your individual capital (most interesting with celebs and high-net-worth individuals) as well as industry-specific properties such as your number of successful exits (for entrepreneurs and VCs) or games won (for soccer players.) When we ask them where they’re sourcing their data from, CEO Ramin G. Far tells us they’re considering “Crunchbase, AngelList and other local entrepreneurial databases.”

You, your boss, your friends, and your girlfriend(s)

“PeopleRank” also compares your personal network by analysing your behavior in various networks; not only how many friends/followers you have but also the number of destinations you’ve visited, miles travelled, and Facebook likes accumulated. The team is considering “comparing” the physical appearance to some extent [as well as] ex-girlfriends,” founder and CEO Ramin G. Far tells us, “but this is ethically clearly questionable.”

Version 1.0 targets the soccer, celeb and startup niche

“Before we closed our 700K funding we met many VCs,” says Ramin G. Far. “I would have loved to use something like VERSUS for venture partners and angel investors comparing them by number of investments, successful exits, overall success rate, network/influence, reputation and prior entrepreneurial activities.” Based on strategy and the team’s personal needs, the first version of “PeopleRank” will focus on a database of soccer stars, celebrities, investors and founders.”


More than a Klout score. It’s a Klout comparison

The popularity of platforms like Klout, Kred or Traackr have shown that people are interested in identifying the number one influencers, who is the most popular and who outperforming their peers. If you’re given the opportunity to see yourself (or your boss) up against nemeses, we might never leave. While Klout’s scoring is based on social activity and the response rate to this activity, other criteria from the “human spec” are left out. “PeopleRank” takes more signals into account such as mentions in relevant media publications, industry-specific achievements and recursively the aggregated PeopleRank of friends.
In addition, while Klout uses social influence and creates one main score, VERSUS considers social influence just as one single comparison criteria next to many others (criteria of the last mail) which are equally presented – so, it’s up to the user to decide if person A or person B is “superior.” For entrepreneurs, this may be a nice way to compare investors before choosing them.
We’ll make sure you’re the first to try it in October. In the meantime, start comparing the following:
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