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VIDEO: "I always wanted to make something big" ResearchGate cofounder Ijad Madisch Written by Elaine on 20. March 2013

Ijad Madisch

ResearchGateIjad Madisch is the CEO and cofounder of “Facebook for scientists” ResearchGate, a fast-growing network becoming a must-have tool for researchers worldwide.

Since opening its doors for scientists in May 2008, the site’s attracted more than 2.6 million members, with thousands signing up each day.

With a workforce of more than 100, the past years have been spent spreading the word, fine-tuning and developing the site. This year, ResearchGate’s looking to make money. In the works – revenue streams aligned with the scientific community, with a focus on its growing jobs board and an upcoming Amazon-like marketplace for biotech products.

We met with the down-to-earth Ijad at ResearchGate’s HQ in Berlin, to talk about his lightbulb moment as a medical scientist, how researchers connect and collaborate, company culture, and his goal of revolutionising the science world…

Video shot and produced by Glenn Goodison

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