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VIDEO – Stattmedia Game Contest Written by Charmaine Li on 23. February 2012


The results are in and the votes have been tallied. ‘Rakete’ by Mario von Rickenbach, was the clear crowd pleaser and judge’s choice at the Stattmedia Game Contest on Friday, 17 February.

The event, which was held in a drained 19th century pool at Stattbad, featured five giant buttons as pressure pads – hooked up to a giant projector and audio system. Up to 200 party-goers and geek gamers took turns in stepping up to a button and test-running 23 games to vote on their favourite. Organised by industrial designers O2L > Outside Standing Level and produced by Stattmedia in collaboration with San Fran bloggers Experimental Gameplay Project, the contest was the final result of a two-month long competition between avid game designers.

In the end, Rickenbach’s spaceship-control game mustered up the highest number of votes, winning him €1200. “I think that people loved the fact that Rakete was easy to understand but hard to exploit. Even with its simplicity it challenged the players so much that non-players were holding their breath during hard sequences, empathetically, bursting in yells and applauses when the spaceship could safely land on the blue pad. Between the players it bolstered cooperation to the maximum level. Just a tiny bit too much of pressure by one component of the team and the Rakete was upside down,” says O2L organiser OXullo Intersecans.

To find out more about the event, watch our quick-insight video below: