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Video – top VCs tell us what *not* to do when talking to a VC Written by Nina Fowler on 29. November 2012

VC love in

VC love in

Investors and founders gathered yesterday for open office hours en masse at the first VC Love-In Berlin.

The event, co-hosted by and Passion Capital, and held at MAS Angel Fund‘s HQ, attracted 15 leading European VC firms, including out-of-towners from the UK, Luxembourg and Denmark. Over 100 founders of internet and tech startups registered interest, with those who made it in – including Resmio, Gigly and BonaYou – matched with investors for short pitch sessions and networking.

FridayAtSix’s Derk Marseille was also on hand to ask the gathered VCs for top tips on what not to do, ever, when trying to get investment. And he’s asked a whole lot more – from drinking tales, favourite blogs, clubs and books, to worst investments…

Check out the first set of answers below:

Featured image courtesy of MAS Angel Fund


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