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Sponsored post: Revolution in the cloud – virtual machines on Windows Azure Written by Martin Weiß on 20. June 2012

windows azure

If you’re starting a new business, you’ll find that Microsoft Azure can offer a range of features that will make it easy to setup, test and manage your launch, while still using your own programming languages, including Linux.
The new features available now on the Windows Azure Cloud for testing make it even easier for startups and developers to use the Microsoft cloud for their own systems and programming languages. By providing proprietary services on Windows Azure, founders can cost-efficiently tap into new business fields.

windows azure

Windows Azure virtual machines and Windows Azure Virtual Network

These days, most startup support and major benefits when setting up your infrastructure evolve in the cloud. The “Platform as a Service” approach (PaaS) of Windows Azure provides the opportunity to keep both effort and investments low.
As the server infrastructure of the Windows Azure platform is operated automatically in Microsoft’s data centers, the burden that many startups struggle under is shifted to the shoulders of others.
Windows Azure Virtual Machines and Windows Azure Virtual Network enable the operation and connection of virtual machines, applications, data, and services either in the Windows Azure Cloud, or on the company’s own network. This results in many easy-to-configure hybrid scenarios. And even popular Microsoft applications like SQL Server, Active Directory, and SharePoint can very easily be run on Windows Azure.

Interoperability and openness – Windows Azure as an all-rounder for developers

“As founders often have their preferences for different programming languages they can now benefit from utilising new Windows Azure features and enhancements in virtually any programming environment, take them to the cloud and merge them there. This opens up entirely new opportunities,” says Stephan Jacquemot, Emerging Business Lead for Microsoft Germany.

New Software Developer Kit Features

In addition to high-performance applications many businesses use web applications such as CMS systems. Windows Azure Web Sites are ideal for the future operation of such web apps. The service scope includes a set of open-source templates to choose from: WordPress, Joomla!, DotNetNuke, Umbraco, and Drupal are just some of the most popular applications available.
The Windows Azure Cloud Software Development Kit (SDK) delivers full command-line support for Windows and Mac OSX and updates for the supported environments Java, PHP, .NET, and Python are built-in as well.
“No matter what environment startups use to realise their ideas, the new Windows Azure features enable them to run, efficiently employ and scale different operating systems and developer environments as needed”, says Jacquemot.
More information on the innovations in Windows Azure and deployment in your business environment is available at the opo-up Microsoft office right here in Berlin – the Dark Side Bakery.