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Printing food, virtual travel and more exciting experiences at this year’s HEUREKA Written by Michelle Beck on 21. April 2016

This year’s HEUREKA is fast approaching. At the 5th edition of the founders conference on 7 June we will be showcasing great hardware in the Hardware Exhibition space. Conference participants can test and experience great new products, while networking with others in the startup scene.
We’re happy to announce some of the great hardware startups that will be presenting their products at the conference.

Hardware presentations

Lucid Trips – Lucid Trips creates virtual reality experiences through planetary dream worlds. Using hand motion controllers, you can explore (walk, jump, climb, swim) and customize an artistically designed planet.
Laydrop – Laydrop combines cutting-edge technology with the most basic of products: food! The team wants to spread the power of digital fabrication (3D printing) to new and unexplored fields. Prepare to be amazed.
Lumind – Lumind is a desktop light that reminds diabetics when to check their blood glucose levels. The colour of the light reflects the glucose status and the status can be updated through the Lumind app. It’s unobtrusive and is helpful for both diabetics and their loved ones.
Vion – Vion aims to get rid of clutter – remote control clutter, that is. It’s an all-in-one remote control for film, TV and music. Come check out the sleek product designed by student founder, Finn Plotz.


In addition to the exciting hardware startups, we have another big announcement. HEUREKA 2016 is powered by CUBE. CUBE takes its name from the leading global ecosystem for the world’s most innovative industry startups. CUBE features industry connectors, cooperation spaces and global touchpoint events and through this aims to bring visibility to the most important startup innovations and their integration in the industry. On 7 June 2016, CUBE will launch its project at the HEUREKA Conference and present its vision to the audience.

HEUREKA Conference

Date: June 7th, 2016
Location: Alte Münze
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