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Buy Now goes offline into "summer recess" Written by Charmaine Li on 30. July 2012 offline offline

Social music-sharing app has gone offline for the summer, citing an overhaul of its technical infrastructure as it works on its licensing approach.

“We realised that our licensing model, the radio approach, just doesn’t give us enough freedom to deliver the user experience we envisioned,” said founder and CEO Philipp Eibach in a statement to VentureVillage. “Therefore we are about to revamp the service. Unfortunately this means bigger changes in our architecture, which is why we had to freeze the service as it was.”

The decision came after the company was poised for market expansion after launching its iPhone app in the U.S in March this year – a month after it officially went online in Germany. also won the approval of GEMA (German musical copyright monitoring body) and was believed to have been making progress with other big-name labels and collection societies.

Targeted at music-lovers, the free app let users to stream their iTunes playlist to nearby listeners, as well as allowing DJs and musicians to broadcast original music.

Wahwah is currently in industry negotiations before details of its upcoming model are expected to emerge at the end of August. As its website puts it – “this won’t be the last song you’ve heard us play.” offline

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