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When Berlin Calls: Ananda Fernandes Written by Christine G. Coester on 2. November 2016

When Berlin Calls – Ananda Fernandes, Publisher Development with Digidip
“I moved [to Berlin] with my boyfriend. It was kind of a no brainer, I wanted to see something new. To me it was like, yeah. It sounds cool enough. Let’s just do this.
In Berlin, before I came, I was already looking for startup jobs and startup communities. I always looked for startup jobs because I really liked the environment and it seemed easier than looking for a job in a bigger enterprise.
I’m originally from Brazil and I moved to Barcelona to get away.
I thought it was going to be a bit easier to be honest. I had no idea how bureaucratic it would be; how sharp you have to be on documents and stuff like that. And then learning that English wasn’t really enough to get by.
The startup environment has a common thing in every place, but there is a very deep cultural difference between the Spanish way of working and the German way of working.
What I like about [startup environments] the most is the openness of everything. You can talk about business development, which is something that sounds very important, or heavy, let’s say. You can talk about it openly and my CEO she sits behind me; I can just go to her and say, “I found this.” This is something about startups that is just awesome.
It’s a bit more human than the enterprise environment, I think.
The growth in terms of professional growth is just more satisfying. In my case here, I can actually follow the numbers quite closely. So I know exactly how much we grew last month and how much of that growth is because of my job. This is something that empowers you quite a lot.
There is a lot of buzz around the startup environment, but it is really about what people do. It is a lot of hard work. A lot of people are romanticising it: We have free booze, we have parties. If someone is willing to start working in a startup they have to understand this.”