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We ♥ Web – German Startups' Hall of Fame Written by Charmaine Li on 12. July 2012


Naked, white walls aren’t attractive. And that’s what the VentureVillage and Gruenderszene team were (literally) faced with after our recent re-location into some much-needed office space. So, we decided to spruce the place up a bit. What better way to start than to fill those blank spaces with framed happy faces?
We’ve started a Hall of Fame for German startups, with company teams snapping a pic of themselves – incorporating the cheery slogan “We ♥ Web” – the glue that binds us all! The upside for startups involved? Exposure to our swarm of daily, big-eyed visitors. There’s also the chance that the photo will be backgrounded during one of our many regular video interviews. And, we’ll be sure to post them up on Facebook as we get them.

If you’d like a place in our Hall of Fame, simply:

1. Take a team picture of your company’s everyday startup life with the slogan “We ♥ Web”. It could be a shot of anything from meetings, parties and lunch breaks to sleep-deprived and coffee-sculling workers.

2. Choose a print size and frame fit. Be as creative as you like, but please don’t exceed a 1 × 1 metre dimension.

3. Mail the framed picture to:
Vertical Media GmbH
Torstrasse 179
10 155 Berlin

Here are some impressions of previous entries, snapped with a member of the Gruenderszene or VentureVillage team:

Alex Goodbeans











Venture Stars

hitfox - printed on a playstation!

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