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Website of the Week: – fashion your own fixie Written by Linsey Fryatt on 6. June 2012

Studies in simplicity or hipster scourge on the Berlin streets? Whatever you think of single-speeds and fixies, provides a sweet solution to buying your new wheels. This week we speak to Jonas Lempa of on what makes an award-winning website… is a beautifully designed site – can you explain how you guys came up with the design concept and how long it took to produce?

It was the logical conclusion of our deeply rooted credo at dieTaikonauten: To create and realize something special in an almost boundless digital universe, which is still full of unlovely – almost shittily – presented brands and products.
This is how we approach every project. In close cooperation with our customers, their valuable input and our love to create remarkable web experiences. Myownbike, as a German manufacturer specialized on high-quality single-speed and fixed-gear bikes, combines a great product idea with the aim to allow the best possible shopping experience.
With the creation of an online configurator, which enables the coloring and selection of almost all bike parts in a stunningly easy way, we positioned myownbike in a really tough market as one of it’s benchmarks. A real eye-catcher, straight, beautifully shaped and puristic – and this applies not only to the manufacturer’s bikes!

You won a CSS Design Award – are these accolades important?

We were deeply moved and happy about all the different awards we and our work for were honored with! We will never get sick of realizing projects with a certain class and the aim to change a specific status quo. It is really nice to get an endorsement in the form of awards and feedback from users. It helps to promote your own work and beliefs, which stand out from the masses. And, of course, to tell the world of startups that we are still searching for talented coders to enhance our Berlin-based team of passionate developers 😉

What are the important principles for you in Web Design?

We are specialized on digital marketing measures, user experiences and future-oriented technologies – we breathe digital. It is our mission to fascinate users, and we are doing it in many different ways – direct, flowery, grave, playful, sneaky – depending on the objectives to be achieved.

What inspires you in the world of art?

What inspires me is just to create continuously. Begin your next project by grabbing your analog notebook and draw some rough drafts – or the other way round. If you are sick of Photoshop’s management of layers, try Fireworks and learn the ropes with the same childish enthusiasm and curiosity you once started your first project with PS.
I am not the biggest fan of searching for inspiration on Tumblr or Pinterest in the case of a concrete task. Just create something – it is the best solution. There are times you are working on a project for days and there is no way you can be satisfied. And then, after couple of hours, your creating something harmonious, special, maybe even unique. It’s all about the passion and persistence. This makes our job particularly exciting.

And finally, do you feel guilty for littering the streets of Berlin with more hipsters on fixies?

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