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This Week's Best Events (Nov 28-Dec 2) Written by Marguerite Imbert on 28. November 2011

Wondering what’s going on in the Berlin start-up village this week? We’ve pulled together a list of the week’s top events, from Java boot camp to’s much anticipated transmission party, to swing dancing at Sony. Essentially, what we’d be doing if we weren’t hounding away for your viewing pleasure. Check it out, come back each Monday for the rundown, and send us any events that you’re hosting or getting pumped for next week. We’re already working on it!

Berlin events wahwah

MONDAY, November 28

If You’re Looking to Argue about Internet-Enabled Political Action: Check out the “How the Internet Changes Our Reality” Debate (Opening speech by Franz Josef Radermacher, head of the Research Institute for Application-oriented Knowledge Processing), 9:30am-5:30pm at Umweltforum, Pufendorfstr. 11. Click here for agenda and to register. It’s free!

If You Want to Brainstorm your Business with Like-Minded Individuals: Join the free thinking, Club Mate-drinking 4 Hour Work Week Disciples at their Weekly Meetup, 5pm in the Betahaus Café, Prinzessinnenstraße 19-20.

If You’re a Java Developer Willing to Run Anywhere: Meet up with other Javan rhinoceroses (true story) to discuss all things Java at Eclipse DemoCamp, 6:30-10pm at Fraunhofer FOKUS, Kaiserin-Augusta-Allee 31.

If You’re Looking to Talk German Pretty One Day: Stop by the Berlin Language Exchange Meeting and get to it, 7-11pm at Cafe Buchhandlung32, Tucholskystr. 32.

TUESDAY, November 29

If You’re Looking for a Job: Peruse companies in the ICT industry and ICT user companies as they exhibit themselves to you (yes, you there, sipping your cereal milk) in a daylong “Future Jobs” career fair, 9am-6pm at An der Urania 17. Free admission. For more information, contact Nina Wichner.

If You Need to Scale Effectively: Strategize at a TDWI Business Intelligence Systems Roundtable Roundtable, 6-9pm at Brotfabrik (Prenzlauer Promenade 3, Caligariplatz). Register online here.

WEDNESDAY, November 30

If You’re Looking to Chill on a Boat with an International Crowd: Enjoy drinks in the ship’s 2nd floor lounge while listening to Irish musician Daniel O Connor play everything from Mumford and Sons to Bob Marley. Cocktails begin at 7pm, concert around 10pm. The ship is a 5-10 minute walk from Warschauerstr. Entry is one euro until 8:30pm, and two euros after that ( to pay the band). For more information and directions, click here.

If You’re Looking for Deep House + Start-up Scenesters: Try to squeeze yourself into the transmission party. Doors open 9pm and rumors are that it will be packed, but you won’t want to miss renowned DJ Tiefschwarz (who you’ll recognize from remixes like Madonna’s “Get Together” and Missy Elliott’s “Teary Eyed.”)

THURSDAY, December 1

If You Really Want to Pay Your Parking Meter with Your iPhone: Discuss interoperable mobile payment structures, m-ticketing, and m-payments, all day long at the European TelematicsFactory (Helmholtzstr. 2-9) For more information and registration, click here.

FRIDAY, December 2

If You’re an Aspiring Creative Looking to Be the Next Don Draper: Join other burgeoning creative grads to hear lecturers (like the brilliant Carsten Fillinger) discuss all the Dos, Don’ts, Conception, Brainstorming and Design behind the best creative output. If you’re interested, have questions, or want to try and haggle down the entry fee (a hefty € 480), visit their website for more information. (Also, Saturday, Nov 3) . Where? Miami Ad School, Feurigstraße 54.

If You’re Ready to Kick Back and Listen Up: Tune in for TechBerlin’s Friday@6 Live Radio Show, which offers the latest insights on technology start-ups in Berlin. Live music and lively guests create an engaging space for village news and noisemaking. Listen to the live stream here and get the shorthand afterwards at

If you’re looking to swing dance with internationals at the Sony Center: Go to the World Languages Swing Party, brought to you by Sony in partnership with the Institute for Cultural Diplomacy, 8-11:30pm at the Sony Center Cinestar. The admission is just 3€ and includes a welcome drink. Directions: Go to the Sony Center (domed area with a fountain) at Potsdamer Platz. The Cinestar theater is there near the fountain. Just inside the Cinestar entrance will be a table with a sign “World Language Pary.” There you can pick up tickets and directions to the bar.