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What's in the box, Wummelkiste? Written by Charmaine Li on 16. February 2012

Wummel Kiste

Startup builder Team Europe (a shareholder of VentureVillage) has hidden behind the name of Surprise Internet GmbH in its upcoming project Wummelkiste. Although the company’s keeping details under wraps, the website is currently in private beta mode with perceivable signs of a brewing startup catered toward young children. Its reported contact go-to-person is Philippa Pauen who’s signed on as Managing Director. Pauen, originally from Dusseldorf, is the co-founder of German innovation accelerator palomar5.


‘In the box’ Market snapshot

Wummelkiste (kiste, which means ‘box’ in German) puts the e-commerce site in line with the ‘themed-box for kids’ delivery market. Earlier this week, Rocket Internet announced the impending launch of Petitebox, a clone of U.S company Wittlebee – which focuses on clothing for children. Also in competition is the young Berlin-based startup Meine Spielzeug Kiste, which targets educational toys and activities like successful U.S websites BabbaCo and Kiwi Crate.
The model for these ‘what’s in the box’ businesses work on the same principle: Parents visit the website and fill out a ‘style’ or ‘preferences’ check. Parents then receive a monthly box of products catered to their child’s profile and needs.