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When Berlin Calls: Julia Kopper Written by Christine G. Coester on 11. November 2016

When Berlin Calls – Julia Kopper, CEO of muxmäuschenwild
“I just need a place which is vibrant and inspirational, so I really felt that Berlin is the only place. I didn’t really move to Berlin, I just came here… and then I stayed. Somehow it is now over 10 years.
Berlin is the city where you want to found a startup. You meet so many interesting people and I really feel that if you take your time to do the networking and meet the people, you really get a lot of benefits. You learn a lot from just talking to people and asking questions, not pretending you know everything.
I founded the agency three and a half years ago. I don’t have this typical agency background. It is more that I came from the film industry to project management to marketing; events and film are quite similar. You basically have a topic, you need a creative concept, then you need a team, you have a budget. The production side is quite similar.
IMG_3126I had the network and my clients that I worked for as a freelancer, so it was quite easy to have a different name and still do my job. We never did anything for it. We just started and probably we were just lucky. We met the right people and also of course, I knew people. So it just happened. Like everything in my life it just happened.
I always thought that you need to be quite clear in what you can do, and of course we know what we can do, but we really have different feels that people book us for.
The only advice I could give is to go out and meet people. If you are a shy person, or introverted, I think it is quite difficult. And of course seizing opportunities. Networking in general is such a stupid word, because everybody is like ‘Ugh, I don’t want to go to networking events,’ but… it’s not about finding the right people for you, but connecting people. That’s what I am really good at.”