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My name is Daniel Andrade and this is how I came to Berlin Written by Christine G. Coester on 7. February 2017

When Berlin Calls

“My name is Daniel and I’m from Brazil. I moved here with my wife, who is from the U.S after spending a year in Australia. We originally had the idea to stay there, but they didn’t have as many hardware jobs as I would have liked.

While in Australia, my current employer, Unu Motors, sent me a message on AngelList, which is kind of like a LinkedIn for startups. Our profiles matched, like a Tinder date, and they reached out to me.

We exchanged some emails, and I went through the entire hiring process remotely. It was pretty intense with a lot of tests, interviews and challenges. The final test was a cultural interview, to see if I was a good fit for the company. The idea of a cultural interview is to see if you match with the principles and mindset of the company, which is just as important as the amount of experience you have in your field.
The last part was two hours where the interviewers asked me seemingly random questions such as, ‘try to sell ice to an Eskimo,’ or ‘describe ten things you can do with a spoon except eating.’ I had to come up with ideas like, dig a hole, escape prison and row a boat.
I’ve always been interested in working for a startup, because they tend to be more open-minded. For example, I am the most productive at night so my company allows me to come to the office a bit later than usual, around 10:30 in the morning. Whereas, I had to be at work around 8 or 9 am for other companies that I’ve worked for in the past. In my opinion, productivity is more valuable to a company than being there at a certain time.
Working on a small team gives you more responsibility and freedom as well as a feeling of accomplishment. It makes me feel that what I am working on actually means something.”