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Who's Who in Berlin: Ulrik Deichsel @txtr Written by Marguerite Imbert on 22. November 2011

Ulrik Deichsel is Head of Business Development at txtr, the Berlin-based ebook software company that offers android features like bookmark and note syncing as well as cloud storage for personal documents and purchased titles. We caught up over wine to discuss upcoming ventures, the legacy of Benedikt Taschen, and the relative merits of winter in Berlin.



WHO: Ulrik Deichsel, Head of Business Development at txtr

WHEN: 5:45pm Friday, November 18

WHERE: Mein Haus am See

ON THE TABLE: Big plans and two glasses of Tempranillo

TOPIC OF DISCUSSION: The nature of bookshelves, the future of e-books, and what it’s like to share an office with SoundCloud.

TXTR’S AUTHOR OF THE MONTH: Norwegian crime novelist Jo Nesbø, for his grim detective thriller The Redeemer (€7.90 on the txtr site)

FAMILY TIES: Ulrik’s younger brother works at Zalando, Europe’s leading online retailer of shoes and fashion which is based here in Berlin. In September, Zalando climbed to the top of the French market, incorporating over 150 French brands into its already impressive repertoire. Like any good older brother, Ulrik’s proud. “I helped him into the industry,” he tells me. “Now it’s sort of a family interest.”

PERSONAL 180: Before joining the startup scene here in Berlin, Ulrik was working in finance in London and in consulting. “There comes a moment in everyone’s life when you’re sitting at a table surrounded by a bunch of orange-tanned, gold-digging girls at 2am, opening a bottle of Cristal, when you just go: This path isn’t for me.”

WHAT HE’S READING FOR FUN: badbritisharchitecture (blogspot)

VILLAGE NOSTALGIA: “The Berlin start-up culture has changed so much in the past couple years. Back in 2006, when you were trying to get funding, you’d meet some unshaved guy in a café and try to convince him to give your first €100k,” he tells me. “Now we’re talking about millions. Those unshaved guys are running proper VC funds and startup incubators.”