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Win a Founder Institute Scholarship by just saying one sentence Written by Michelle Kuepper on 29. October 2012

What if we told you that one sentence could win your startup a scholarship from the Founder Institute? While it might sound too good to be true, when you actually sit down to write it you may find it’s trickier than you think to cut out the waffle and get to the core of what your business is all about. VentureVillage has teamed up with The Founder Institute to give you the opportunity to write a one sentence pitch to win a scholarship.
Adeo Ressi, the man behind global early stage startup accelerator The Founder Institute, wants to test startups through this one sentence pitching competition, with the winning pitch gaining a scholarship for their startup as a reward. Interested? You can apply right here in this article. Just submit the following information in the comments section of this page and Ressi will judge the applications in the same section. Readers can like and give feedback too.
To win, fill in the blanks and post in the comments: “my company, _(insert name of company)_, is developing _(a defined offering)_ to help _(a defined audience)_ _(solve a problem)_ with _(secret sauce)_”
If this all looks a little confusing, watch Ressi explain how to do it right in the video below. But don’t forget that you also have to submit an application to the Institute (here) in order to win the Founder Scholarship. And even if you don’t get through, getting feedback on how to improve a one sentence pitch can be a very valuable exercise.

The Founder Institute in Berlin is keen to help startups in their development, hosting the Startup Ideation Bootcamp at Betahaus tomorrow. They’ve promised they can help improve ideas and business models, with the event including key note speeches from Ressi and Maks Giordano, the founder of Nunatak. You’ll be able to network with your co-entrepreneurs after the workshops (who knows, maybe you’ll even find your cofounder there). The event kicks off at 7:30pm, to register click here.
Get commenting!
Image credit: Flickr user Anuj Biyani

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