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Wummelkiste launches crafty kids subscription service Written by Linsey Fryatt on 9. March 2012

Little people are the hottest demographic in web delivery services

The hot new trend for kids’ subscription services continues as a brand-new “what’s-in-the-box” website Wummelkiste launches today. Delivering a DIY twist on the subscription model, the Team Europe venture delivers monthly craft projects for your little darlings to create.
Projects are aimed at 3-7 year olds and are tailored to age and taste, with projects such as Firefly Glass, Owl Mask and Shadow Theatre. Each box comes with two to three projects, instructions and materials, plus extra links to added web content for members.
Subscription models range from no-ties one-month tryout for €24.95, three months for €19.95 or a whole year sign-up for €199.95.

The rise of “mom-commerce”

The model of themed delivery subscriptions for kids (or “mom-commerce”) sites has gone stratospheric in 2012, with Sean Percival’s cute clothing subscription Wittlebee leading the way, followed by the inevitable Rocket clone, Petitebox.
Hot new Berlin-based startup Meine Spielzeug Kiste is a recent addition to the market, targeting educational toys and activities like successful US websites BabbaCo and Kiwi Crate.

[We Skype with Meine Spielzeug Kiste founder Florian Spathelf]


Wummelkiste is currently in open beta mode – we caught up with new Wummelkiste Managing Director (and one of the core team at German innovation accelerator palomar5) Pilippa Pauen to talk of what crafty plans are in the pipeline….

Hey Philippa, why Wummelkiste and why now?

We see an increasing trend of “DIY” for children and handicrafts and our product satisfies the desire of parents to engage with their children in a creative way and just now there is no product on the market in Germany which manages to fulfill those needs – we want to fill this gap.

Do you think there’s a trend for kids’ sites as founders get older and have kids themselves?

Yes – definitely, although I am not sure whether it is really to do with founders’ age. There also is a need (and still enough potential in the market) for kids’ sites. It’s very interesting topic for “Gründerinnen” (founders).

What’s the Wummelkiste aim for this year?

We hope to become an established player on the market for childrens’ toys and build up a solid customer base.