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Wunderkit will be free – with perks for Pros. Will you use it now? Written by Linsey Fryatt on 15. February 2012

6Wunderkinder has just announced the highly-anticipated pricing structure for Wunderkit – and it’s one of our favourite price tags – free…
wunderkitIn a late post over on the 6Wunderkinder blog, the company announced that after examining all the feedback and concerns of proposed pricing plans for its new organisation cum social networking tool that would lock free users out of other users’ projects and hamper collaboration.

“We thought about it for a little while and said ‘You know what? They’re totally right’. We, as a company, do not want to limit social creation. And with that, I’m happy to announce that we’re not putting a price on collaboration. It should be free for all,” said Matthew Bostock, Product Marketing Manager for 6Wunderkinder.
Everything that public beta users can see right now will remain free – unlimited workspaces and unlimited invitations. So how will the project monetise?
Freemium, of course. 6Wunderkinder point to the fact that Wunderkit is a platform so there’s still plenty of room for expansion by implementing new built-in apps. Free users will be able to use these apps, but Pro users will get the best experience (for a subscription of $4.99 per month).
For example, an upcoming “Files” app will give Pro users more storage capacity compared to free users.
We’ve been using Wunderkit since launch and while we though it was a beautifully designed platform, some glaring omissions – such as image sharing, a whiteboard area, files sharing, native mobile apps – now seem explained by the now-announced freemium model.
What do you think? Will you buy into free Wunderkit or do you use another Task Management system?