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Wunderkit launch – see our full review plus video Written by Linsey Fryatt on 1. February 2012


Wunderkit – making productivity sexy

Hotly-anticipated productivity app Wunderkit has finally emerged from the 6Wunderkinder stables as a public beta today, and it’s had a shiny new makeover to prepare for its global debut.
• We’ve been using the app in its beta form for a couple of weeks now, and you can read our full Wunderkit Review here •
Since getting hands-on with the beta version, we’ve found that this is the sexiest productivity suite on the market – the attention ro detail and Apple aesthetic make this a beautiful piece of software – full kudos to the 6Wunderkinder design team.
But we’ve found that, while it’s a joy to use and implement, the thought of having to cultivate another social-and-sharing app that feels like a cross between Twitter and LinkedIn increased our stress levels rather than making us feel all fancy-free.

New Wunderkit features incoming – but what will it cost?

Wunderkit has promised some extra features in the next couple of months that will make the app more user-friendly, based on comments and requests from Beta users. Perhaps the most glaring omission so far is the lack of integration with existing 6Wunderkinder app, Wunderlist. At present, I am using both apps as separate entities, which seems odd, given they feel like they were roadmapped to be integrated.
Also missing at launch is the ability to attach files, putting Wunderkit at a disadvantage to apps such as Conceptboard for participating on visual projects. We’re promised both of those features in the near future.

Wunderkit Pro features

Users are being lured in by a free 90-day trial, but as yet, there’s no word on pricing for the Pro version, but we do know that Pro will allow users to collaborate inside any workspace, rather than just ones that they own, as well as a “Pro” badge and priority support.
While we wait for these details to be added, why not have a snoop round the 6Wunderkinder offices to see what makes them tick…