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Wunderlist 2 is here – "re-engineered, rebuilt and redesigned" Written by Charmaine Li on 18. December 2012

Wunderlist 2

Wunderlist 2
Software startup 6wunderkinder today launched Wunderlist 2, the second iteration of its hugely popular To-Do List app. The task-management tool is now available as a free update on iPhone, Mac, Android, Windows and the Web. The official release comes only a couple of weeks after the Berlin-based company promised the “re-engineered, rebuilt and redesigned” app would be arriving just before Christmas.
Wunderlist 2 has been rebuilt into native apps instead of the previous Titanium build to ensure a faster and more reliable performance. It’s claimed that the new Cloud Sync further speeds up proceedings by ensuring all your devices play nice together.
Wunderlist 2As for features, Wunderlist 2 now has added Reminders, Recurring, Subtasks along with improved note-taking to the previously ultra-basic mix. Address Book and Facebook contacts are now fully integrated, so your friends can see how many chores you still have to carry out.
Always a bit of a looker , Wunderlist’s UI has undergone a few usability tweaks, although the basic look and feel remains the same. For example, the bottom bar in the main window has been removed and replaced with a simple menu icon, similar to the one that Facebook uses in its apps, located in the top left corner of the window. Topping off the redesign are new graphics that are made especially for retina display, so you can view what you have to do in hi-res.
Since launching in 2010, Wunderlist has garnered over three million users and 5.5 million downloads.

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